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What Is The Best Less Than Lethal Weapon

There are times when the size of a product is important. The image is the bigger it is, the more intimidating it is. And for a lot of products that are true. But when it comes to self-defense products size does not matter.what is the best less than lethal weapon? A smaller product may be to your advantage because it’s easier to conceal.

Self-defense products have been used by law enforcement agencies for decades and only recently have they become popular with the civilian community. They are nonlethal weapon that provides an alternative to the deadly force of a handgun. Their purpose is to give you time to get away and escape a dangerous situation.They do this by disabling an assailant for anywhere from five to as much as 45 minutes.

Stun device is what is the best less than lethal weapon to disable assailants with a three to a five-second application of a hand-held product with two prongs on one end that conducts an electrical charge. That charge causes the body to work very rapidly depleting it of all blood sugars that are needed for energy.

The two best small stunners are the hotshot and the lipstick stun device.

1. Hotshot stun device is one of the smallest stun guns you can get it at less than 3 inches long. It looks much like a hand-held mobile device but is a 4.5 million volt stunner with an on-off safety switch and illuminated red light that tells you it’s ready to fire.

2. One of the newest is the lipstick stun tool. It is the smallest stunner in the world and has 950,000 Volts. It is equipped with the popular disable pin wrist strap that prevents discharge against you if the gun should be taken from you.

Stun Guns are great self-defense tools when used by a person with proper knowledge and training. Don’t buy a stun gun without getting the proper knowledge and training to use it; it could lead to serious consequences. The effect of a stun device is usually localized to the area of impact and won’t necessarily stop your attacker from having some control of their arms or legs, though it will slow them down and even drop them when used correctly. Always buy the highest voltage stun device you can afford if you want to have maximum results. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self-defense is before something happens.

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