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What Is The Best Non Lethal Extreme Urban Survival Kit For Women?

What is the Best Non-Lethal Extreme Urban Survival Kit for Women?

With the increase in crime rate and violence in even the previously safer streets, self-defense has become a topic that is taken seriously. Yes, violent crime may have reduced over the past twenty years, but according to statistics, there has been a rise in recent years. In 2018, violent crimes had started rising again, then at 368.9 per 100,000 individuals.

As a result, women and men everywhere are worried about their safety and that of loved ones. Violent crime ranges from rape, sexual assault, and theft and is extremely common in St. Louis, MO, and several urban communities. You, however, have a chance to take action before you or a loved one become victims.

At Urban Safety Solutions, we aim at helping you before it is too late. A wife, a daughter, a mom, girlfriend, student, or colleague can benefit from a means of safe protection that is economical. We gladly offer useful female extreme urban survival kit. With our 12-year Missouri Better Business Bureau membership, we maintain an A+ rating that makes us trustworthy.

What is the Best Non-Lethal Extreme Urban Survival Kit?

The perfect female extreme urban survival kit should enhance personal protection without fatal effects. Every woman needs to understand what to carry and avoid, especially at night, to avoid experiences that change one’s life. Choosing essential items is a complicated process for most, but we help you by offering purpose-specific and non-deadly survival kits. See details of our many disguised personal protection products @  

So, what are our top female extreme urban survival kit, and why do you urgently need them?

Sticky Pepper Gel

We ensure our pepper gel is strong enough yet non-permanent to get you out of danger without landing you in trouble with the law. The 2 oz sticky pepper gel is made using raw pepper so your attacker will go through 45 minutes of pain, which only gets worse if they rub their eyes. The moment you spray this on your attacker, it sticks effectively. You can carry the spray in your handbag, car, camping backpack, work, or home.

Having pepper spray or gel is an advantage. Our brand has a long-distance range, a more potent pepper blend, less-contaminating, and non-flammable. Especially in urban areas, women need this little helper to save them in case they encounter a goon.

Spike Stun Gun

A female extreme urban survival kit is not complete without a non-lethal stun gun. We offer a safety technology spike stun gun that gives you maximum protection when in your hand. The two spikes are always ready to keep your attacker away from you brutally, and the rubberized coating gives you a firm grip. A 20-million-volt stun gun is excellent to leave goons tortured but has no fatal side-effects. The spike stun gun discharges quite loudly, so it will avoid a tricky situation. Enjoy a lifetime warranty on this stun gun and keep yourself safe 24/7.

Super Door Stop Alarm

You can now improve self-defense through preparation in case of assault or rape. But what about the dorm or your home? We carefully design a door wedge that acts as an apartment alarm. Our super door stop alarm is built to block any door from being opened. The sensor and adjustable sensitivity activate the alarm immediately pressure is released. The door wedge has a switch on the back that turns it off or on and indicates the battery status.

The time to protect yourself, your daughter, wife, sister, or friend is now.

You might not always be there to safeguard a loved one personally, but a non-lethal female extreme urban survival kit is excellent for immediate self-defense. Urban Safety Solutions is the right step to personal protection from violent crime, and you always get free shipping with discount code. Visit today and get the best urban non-fatal self-defense kit for women.

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