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What Is The Dorm Apartment Security Alarm Kit?

What is the Dorm Apartment Security Alarm Kit?

Who wants to be a victim of violence? At the very least, an assault can be violent and costly. You not only feel harmed but when you are victimized, you may lose your sense of self-worth and not be able to go about your normal daily activities as before. You may even need someone to look after you, and you may have to pay for expensive treatment and medication.

Violence can be in the form of harassment, such as verbal abuse and physical stalking or physical assault. Human nature is to believe that it’ll be someone else that will be victimized until you are that someone.

Reports show that certain groups are at a higher risk of being victims of violence. Women in their youth, who are single and love going out in the evening are at a higher risk of victimization. Violence can come from anyone. It may be someone you know stalking you or a jerk at the bar touching you inappropriately. Anyways, crime is real and hurts like a butt cheek on a stick.

It is well known that ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Some acts of violence cannot be avoided. Still, there’s so much you can do to acquire peace of mind for yourself and vulnerable loved ones. Consider the following items to include in your self-defense kit when traveling alone, staying at a hotel, college dorm, or even an apartment off-campus.

1. Door stop alarm

Keep away unauthorized intruders into your apartment, hotel, etc. with a personal door stop alarm. Including a door stop alarm in your dorm apartment security alarm kit is the first step to acquiring peace of mind from your stalker or any other unauthorized intruder.

Our door stop alarms are an extremely compact travel companion that doesn’t require any technical skills to install. There are no wires for you to join and do some engineering. These are battery-powered pressure-sensitive door stop alarms; simply place them at the base of your room door, and in case of intrusion, the alarms emit powerful alerting sounds. Add a personal door stop alarm to your dorm apartment alarm kit today for peace of mind while in your room.

2. Spike stun gun

In addition to a dorm apartment alarm kit, you may need to go on the offensive sometimes to stop an aggressor. In case of such a situation stun guns are fantastic non-lethal self-defense devices you can use to dissuade the attacker by firing a jolt of electricity in the air as a warning shot, and if the worse comes to worst, you just jab the spikes in the aggressor’s eyes or throat to disable the person.

We have spike stun guns in various sizes, shapes, voltage, and fan-favorite colors. You can get a handheld, knuckle grip, flashlight, or a covert cell phone style spike stun gun. All available in varying voltages ratings from $ 20 and above.

3. Pepper gel

When going out alone in the evening, always bring a pepper gel with you just to feel safe. The stopping power of good old oleoresin capsicum comes in handy at the moment you realize someone is physically targeting you. You can disable the aggressor when they are still far away from you by dispensing thick, sticky, and inflaming pepper gel in their face.

The advantage of pepper gel over pepper spray is that the gel travels 20 percent further, and the attacker won’t wipe it off their face easily. Also, because pepper gel is thicker, it won’t be blown back into your face, unlike liquid pepper spray.

4. Digital voice phone recorder

Harassment, especially public humiliation, can leave you traumatized. Using a digital voice phone recorder, you can keep evidence of harassment and use it to file charges or get a restraining order against your stalker. You can record phone conversations or face-to-face conversations.

5. Telescopic steel batons

Telescopic steel batons are simple self-defense weapons that will help you defend yourself against an aggressor and escape with your life in cases of extreme dangers. Just flick your wrist to open the weapon, then aim for the meaty part of the aggressor’s thighs or arms, and in case that is not enough swing hard for the bone. Telescopic steel batons are essential for surviving street crimes.

Okay, people, when it comes to personal protection, leave nothing to chance. Especially if you live alone or love vacationing alone, please remember to put together a dorm apartment security alarm kit and have some self-defense weapons in your room too. They may be just the tools to help you escape with your life.

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