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What Should Be In A College Care Package?

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

What should be included in a College Care Package

College is not just all fun and lectures; sometimes, it also gets terrifying, especially for single female students living alone or out and about on their own in the evenings. According to statistics, violence does take place nearly every day in almost every university, and colleges across the U.S. offers effective defensive options for the college female or any urban commuter.

Female college students have reported cases of sexual assault and rape, hate crime, burglary, and stalking just to mention a few.

It’s always better to stay safe than sorry during such scenarios. A college care package brings peace of mind. It is a useful collection of non-lethal personal protection tools every college girl must-have for when you find yourself in those nightmare scenarios. These include the following:

1. Attention-grabbing alarms to keep out burglars

A college alarm kit is a collection of attention-grabbing simple DIY personal alarm devices useful in various situations. These include door wedge alarms, window alarms, and personal keychain alarms that you do not need electrical concepts to use.

The super door stop alarm can be placed on the inside of an inward-opening door to go off immediately an intruder tries to force the door open. They are also convenient to have when backpacking or staying in dodgy hotels where you have no clue who has the keys to your room.

2. Stun guns to disable or dissuade an attacker

A stun gun is the one tool your attacker won’t see coming until you are pumping a million volts of electricity into their body, disabling them on the spot.

You can get a stun gun design of your choosing from Urban Safety Solutions. These are kick-ass, high-voltage rubberized grip designs in the form of a cell phonelipsticks, or even a flashlight to surprise your attacker, disable him/her, and get away safely.

3. Pepper gel sprays

The inflaming and stopping power of pepper in your hands, pepper gel spray is convenient in stopping an aggressor from miles away before things get physical.

The advantage of pepper gel is the inflaming effects that last longer than a spray, and it’s hard to wash off. Your attacker won’t get the chance to blow the gel back in your eyes because it’s a gel – a sticky and thick substance.

Urban Safety Solutions has a variety of the hottest pepper gel sprays in the market. The effects last for about 45 minutes and include UV dye for perpetrator identification.

4. Self-Defence Key Chain

Urban Safety Solutions offers a wide variety of self-defense keychains constructed from impact-resistant plastic to give you the stopping power of steel. These include a simple-dog-shaped Brutus key chain that you can attach to your keychain and a heart-shaped Heart Attack keychain. If the creepy fella wants to get all handsy, show them you are made of steel!

Other non-lethal self-defense tools for your consideration include digital voice recorders, safety lights, and telescopic steel batons. Shipments are possible across all U.S states and free on orders over $50, and you get a lifetime warranty on your stun guns from Urban Safety Solutions. We are a 12-year member of the Missouri Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating on our products. Stay safe with a college self-defense kit or an urban survival kit. Either should be considered for a college care package.

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