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What Should Be In A College Survival Kit?

What Should Be In A College Survival Kit?

A significant number of students will be a victim of a crime while studying at college or university. You may not want to hear this while studying, but criminals see students as easy targets, especially if you are a female. In many cases, your fellow students are usually the source of danger with a significant amount of reported campus rape cases.

So while an educational institution is meant to be a safe place, college does have its share of personal security concerns. You can be a victim at any time. One of the best ways to be in control when faced with a precarious situation is investing in a college survival kit. What should be in a college survival kit?

The short answer is safety products that ensure you are prepared, less anxious, and less fearful when you find yourself in a precarious situation on and off-campus. Our college care package will offer you the self-confidence and comfort you need to protect and defend yourself in life-threatening situations. In this overview, we seek to answer the vital question; what should be in a college survival kit?

1. Pepper Gel

Defending yourself against an attacker on or off-campus requires immediate action. Using pepper gel allows you to respond with the ability to disable an attacker from a considerable distance. Pepper gel is a lachrymatory agent produced from hot peppers and causes a sensation of intense burning to the eyes, skin, and throat upon contact.

Pepper gel is commonly used in policing, crowd control and riot control. Along with pepper spray, they are one of the most commonly used personal self-defense items. It is also one of the cheapest. What should be in a college survival kit? Definitely pepper gel.

There are some advantages that pepper gel has over pepper spray. It has a sticky viscosity, which enables it to travel significantly further than the droplets from pepper spray. Most pepper gels have an effective attack range of up to 10 feet. Standard pepper spray has an effective attack range of about 8 feet.

Nonetheless, both these personal safety tools can be lifesavers in tricky situations. Our Wildfire Pepper gel temporarily takes away the vision of your would-be attacker. This gives you enough time and opportunity to escape to safety.

2. Spike Stun Gun

A spike stun gun offers devastating personal protection in the palm of your hand. This device is a no brainer for what should be in a college survival kit. A spike stun gun is designed to surprise an attacker with brutal force that stops the attack in its tracks.

It is one of the most effective self-defense tools against rape and thousands of women use it across the country. A spike stun gun features two sharp spikes that protrude from the device that give it its name. It has a special design with a double application. You can use it as both a striking and stunning self-defense tool.

The two spikes on the device are energized when you activate them by a small squeeze. They will discharge a large amount of electrical current (millions of volts) into your attacker. In order to inflict maximum damage to your attacker, you should try and aim for the eyes or throat. Spike stun guns are small devices allowing you to place it on the palm of your hand.

An attacker wouldn’t know you are carrying one. Our stun guns have extra features like rubberized coating to ensure it doesn’t slip in your hand. In this list of what should be in a college survival kit, a spike stun gun is a strong recommendable. Urban Safety Solutions offers a Lifetime Warranty on spike stun guns.

3. Door Stop Alarm

A door stop alarm is one of the best ways to reinforce your dorm room security. This attention-grabbing device will wake you up or alert you when an intruder attempts to open your door. Most door stop alarms are extremely loud (upwards of 100 dB), helping deter the intruder and also notifying your neighbors.

These devices can be audible up to 1000 feet (300m) away. Some door stop alarms have a non-skid pad installed that prevents your door from opening as the alarm sounds. This feature can give you some critical time as you think about your response to the situation.

The good thing about door stop alarms is that you don’t need to do any wiring. The devices are battery-operated. All you need to do is slide the device beneath your door and it will produce an unmistakable sound any time someone applies door pressure.

Another benefit is that you can take it with you anywhere you go. So if you are visiting a friend in their hostel or dorm room, you always know that you have that extra security tool at hand. A door stop alarm makes the list of what should be in a college survival kit.

4. Hot Shot Stun Gun

The Hot Shot Stun Gun produced by Safety Technology is another self-defense item that makes what should be in a college survival kit list. At 4 inches long, this uniquely designed stun gun resembles a power bank or other handheld device. An attacker wouldn’t even notice you holding it.

The Hot Shot stun gun packs a punch and can administer up to 90 million volts. Safety Technology states that it has the impact of a baseball bat. A short blast from the powerful device will give you more than enough time to escape to safety.

The Hot Shot stun gun is feature-packed with an LED flashlight, safety switch, and battery meter. It also has an illuminated red light that indicates the device is armed and ready to unleash electrical current. You may carry it in your purse, pocket, and hand or even wear it as a cell phone with the included holster.

5. Lipstick Alarm

Of all the items in our what should be in a college survival kit list, the one that might be overlooked is probably the lipstick alarm. A lipstick alarm can come in handy if you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

This simple device allows you to sound an alarm fast and discreetly. You simply pull on it and it produces a very loud 90 dB alarm. The lipstick alarm is very small and light, making it very easy to carry around in your purse or pocket.

So, what should be in a college survival kit? We hope this piece helps answer this question. You never know when you may be the next victim of an unwarranted attack so it’s crucial that you take action by investing in our personal security products. Urban Safety Solutions is a USA based business and 12-year member Missouri Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. We offer FREE shipping with discount code purchases.

DON’T allow yourself to be the next victim. You can do this by taking action now and invest in our life-saving self-defense products. The items in the college survival kit will ensure you are always prepared to tackle any situations you face on and off-campus.

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