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What To Bring To Off Campus Apartment?

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

What to Bring To Off-Campus Apartment

Off-campus apartments are not under the auspices of college housing. Students must fend for their own when it comes to security and well being. When you live off-campus, help is far away. Luckily there will be no reason to feel unsafe if you bring a well-curated off-campus apartment security kit. Here are some of the things to get:

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is still the best rape prevention solution many years after its invention. Today pepper spray formulations have gotten more powerful and more reliable. Packaging has become sleeker and more user friendly.

Your off-campus apartment security kit should include pepper spray. The WILDFIRE® PEPPER SPRAY is the most reliable and convenient pepper spray for female college dorm security. It is formulated to be hotter than most. Its capsaicinoids composition—the compounds that give pepper its hotness—is 1.4%

The package is designed to spray directly into the attacker’s eyes from a distance without harming the user. Whoever it is, be it a burglar or rapist, the hot pepper will cause them immense pain. This product further contains 10% oleoresin capsicum that temporarily swells their eyes and makes breathing difficult. It renders the attacker useless, giving you the time to run or call for help.

Discreet incapacitating weapon

Statistics show that 70% of rape victims know their attackers. It could be a friend or an acquaintance that you initially felt safe with. But then one day they get aggressive with you and grab you in the way you least expected. You should have a small compact weapon designed to immobilize attackers in readiness for such situations.

The Spike stun gun is one such device. It is designed similar to the head of a phone charger. The personal protection gear will occupy virtually no space in your handbag. You can carry it in your back pocket as well for assured safety when you walk to and from your female apartment late evenings and early mornings.

The Spike stun gun is compact, designed to function just as powerfully as bigger stun guns. The difference is that this off-campus apartment security gadget is discreet and easier to use—the attacker won’t see it coming.

When they are unsuspecting, jab the spikes in their eyes or throat. The trigger button at the back of the device sits squarely with the palm of your hand and activates during the punching, delivering 20 million volts on the attacker. That will immobilize the attacker, but the effects are non-lethal and wear off in about 45 minutes, which is enough time for them to get apprehended.

Apartment alarm

The above two are great tools to carry around for your personal security, but you also need something to keep you safe when you are in the college apartment. A door stop alarm comes highly recommended.

The Super Door Stop Alarm is a mobile apartment alarm solution. It has the size and shape similar to a computer mouse, and it is designed to wedge in the space beneath the door and the floor. It keeps the door bolted, and when someone tries to push it open, the smart sensors on the device activate, sending out a loud 110dB+ siren. That will scare the attacker and give you time to get your pepper spray or stun gun ready.

You don’t have to buy these off campus apartment security solutions individually. Buy them as a kit for cost savings. The Xtreme Urban Survival Kit comes at a discounted rate and contains the Wildfire Pepper Spray, Spike Stun Gun, and Super Door Stop Alarm. This is the ultimate protection kit against college crime.

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