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What’s A Hidden Camera Detector

Lens Finder Bug Detector

Believe it or not, many experts believe the pocket sized lens finder bug detector is as much of a safety necessity for women as a wireless cell phone. Camera and bug detector devices are very affordable, so ideal for girls living in rented apartments who want to protect themselves from creeps like sleazy landlords or male visitors with unsavory intentions. What’s a hidden camera detector? Read on and we’ll attempt to answer the question…

Chances are you’ve heard a story or two about how a hidden camera was found somewhere it shouldn’t have been – in public restroom, a locker room, or even a hotel room. There are many legitimate and legal reasons for someone to have a hidden camera:

Protect their business or store
Protect a home or apartment
Catch a cheating spouse
Monitor their property or yard
Check up on the babysitter or nanny

1. Physically look around the room/area you are in for items that look out of place – Cameras are often built in items that may look ordinary and regular, but they usually don’t quite blend in with their surroundings. Look for a clock that doesn’t fit the room decor, a randomly placed teddy bear, or a stack of boxes that might be hiding a camera. Since most hidden cameras require some sort of power source, also look near electrical outlets.

2. Look for a red LED light from the camera lens – Infrared cameras often feature and LED glowing light from the camera, so if you turn out all the lights, you can sometimes easily see the glow, and immediately determine if there is or isn’t a camera in the area. This method works better on smaller areas like bedrooms and hotel rooms, because usually the light isn’t very bright, so you’ll need to be relatively close to see the red light.

3. Use a hidden cam detection device – This option isn’t free like the first two options, but it has the major benefit of being much more thorough, and taking much less time to do a search. There are actually two types of detectors. The first uses an infrared filter and a bright LED light that operates as a viewfinder, and when you look through the viewfinder, any camera lens (whether the camera is on or off) will reflect brightly back at you. The second type of detector is an RF (radio frequency) detector. Basically what an RF detector does is detect wireless frequency transmissions – ie. if someone is using a wireless hidden camera to stream video somewhere, it will detect that signal. There’s actually a third type, which is a combination device, that includes both the infrared visual filter and RF detection.

So if you want to find a hidden camera in your home, or want to be able to spot the signs of a spy camera when you are travelling, follow these easy to use tips, and you can avoid potentially being the victim of a hidden camera voyeur. If you decide to go the camera detection device route for added thoroughness and ease of use, make sure to get a quality device. There are plenty of cheap devices that claim to find hidden cameras, but are either poorly constructed or have very limited detection ranges. A good quality device will allow you to not only find cameras, but also to detect other types of spy equipment like audio bugs.  Buy bug detector devices such as the lens finder bug detector to protect wife from spy gear placed in public restrooms, dressing rooms and tanning booths.

Women with controlling partners who suspect their activities are being monitored, also will benefit from the privacy protection and emotional relief afforded by a bug sweeper.  An electronic bug sweeper is definitely is a must have accessory choice for stylish women who refuse to be the victims of unscrupulous predators and perverted privacy invaders. So our hope is that you’ll be able to assist a friend or co-worker if ever asked what’s a hidden camera detector.


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