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What’s The Best College Survival Kit For Females?

What’s The Best College Survival Kit For Women?

There are moments in college you will never want to forget. As such, you must try and keep those moments memorable. Now, while being cautious about your security is not a course, it is an important aspect that you should learn about. Please do not learn the hard way!

Being aware of your surroundings, particularly when in college, is now more crucial than ever. As a student, you are exposed to things that you have never seen. People act differently, and as much as you have to learn to cope with them, you must also be vigilant.

Here is why

· The DOJ’s (Department of Justice) office of Violence against Women shared a few facts when responding to College Sexual Assault questions;

· 19 percent of campus ladies reported experiencing attempted or completed sexual assault at some point after joining college.

· Most of the cases were committed by somebody the victim knew

· Over 70 % percent of the women are either passed out, drugged, or incapacitated, creating a scenario where victims are less likely to report the assault or call for help.

· 30 percent of assault cases were also due to break-ins

· Women between 17 and 25 years are at a higher risk of break-ins or intrusion.

So what can you do to protect your loved one or yourself?

College sexual assault isn’t the only crime that can be perpetrated against female college students. If a student comes from a community where she trusts almost everyone-an admirable trait, but sometimes it can be incredibly naive. Theft, break-ins, rape, and other forms of crime are significant issues, particularly for 1st and 2nd-year students who stay in apartments or are forced to stay in less safe dormitories to save money.

The problem with staying around people is that regardless of how well you might think you know them, they are also human beings and have everybody’s temptations. Actually, according to psychologists, everybody is tempted to steal, what makes the difference is self-control. So if you want personal protection, it is up to you to take the necessary steps and make it as hard as possible for people to harm you. And one of the least expensive yet very useful ways to protect yourself is through an extreme urban survival kit!

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit Overview

The kit includes a door wedge with a doorstop alarm kit. It takes intruder protection to a whole new level. Note that, this is not your ordinary door wedge that stops the door from opening when an intruder tries pushing it. Instead, it is a versatile tool that is placed beneath the door. The door wedge’s sensor detects if the door has been moved or touched and will activate a loud alarm to alert you or your neighbors.

Also, Extreme Urban Survival Kit‘s compact and lightweight design makes it portable, allowing you to move it or install it with ease. Also, no installation is required, all you have to do is tuck it under the door, and you are good to go.

Wrapping it up

Installing a door wedge alarm is an affordable and effective way to protect your nest. It will protect you when you are away, preoccupied with something inside the house or asleep.

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