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Where Can I Buy Dorm Alarm Kit?

Where Can I Buy Dorm Apartment Alarm Kit?

Essentially, Dorm Apartment Alarm kits bring peace of mind. Crime is real, and the fact is that certain groups of people are more vulnerable to violence than others. Single women, for example, have reportedly experienced more sexual assault and harassment when living alone in college dorm apartments or when traveling alone for business or pleasure.

Having a dorm apartment alarm kit is, therefore, very important, especially for those living in urban centers and college dorm rooms. Criminals know how to sense weakness. The last thing you want to look like is an easy target.

St Louis, MO, for example, is a growing economy attracting both investors and criminals alike. Violent crimes such as rape and sexual assault are huge concerns here. Stay safe with safety kits from

Urban Safety Solutions is a Missouri-based business, 12 years a member of BBB with an A+ rating on all their self-defense tools and substantial warranty should any technical issues arise.

They have a collection of badass non-lethal self-defense tools you can buy for yourself or gift your mom, daughter, sister, aunt to keep them safe. Their $68 (with discount code) Xtreme Urban Survival Kit has all the tools needed to keep away intruders or go on the offense to escape violence. After all, it is your life and/or property on the line, and with just the right effective, easy-to-use tools, you may be able to escape with it. Urban colleges and universities such as UMSL, UMKC, SLU, Lindenwood  College, Webster University, Washington University St. Louis and any institution offering evening classes. Will benefit from offering students non lethal but effective self defense tools.

1. Black Spike Stun Gun

A fantastic 20-million-volt rechargeable spike stun gun conveniently available in black so you can surprise your aggressor and pump some voltage into their body, stopping them in their tracks before they can inflict further harm. It has a rubberized coating for a comfortable grip and discharges loudly in case you want to dissuade the attacker from afar.

2. Sticky Pepper Gel

Stick your aggressor by discharging thick sticky inflaming pepper gel in their face. The effects last up to 45 minutes, and because the gel is thick and sticky, they won’t blow it back into your face. Pepper gel discharges over a longer distance and has a UV identifying dye to reveal your attacker.

3. Door Stop Alarm

No Dorm apartment safety kit is convenient without alarms. Grasp some peace of mind with our easy-to-use door stop alarms. Just place these battery-powered, pressure-sensitive bad boys on your door wedge and turn them on, in case of any motion on the door, this 120db alarm will let you know.

Also, in-stock are tasers, flashlights, animal repellents, knives, telescopic batons, among other non-lethal self-defense tools. Just make sure you get the training on how to effectively use the safety kit you order. They ship across the U.S, free on all orders above $50, and the spike stun gun comes with a lifetime warranty. Payments via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted, and they have pretty good discounts in place.

Visit to take a look at the badass non-lethal self-defense tools and alarm kits they have in stock. Remember, it is always better to stay safe than sorry.

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