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Who Else Wants To Watch Their Cheating Husband Using Android Compatible Hidden Camera


The Android is all the rage these days in terms of viewing the Internet with a mobile device. While there are many things you can do with your Android, I’ll bet no one ever thought of using your Android to try and catch your cheating husband having an affair.

Cheating is happening all the time these days. No one can stay faithful any more as there are to many temptations. Just turn on the TV and watch the show “Cheaters”. It’s on every day and is an entertainment show that follows cheaters around on cameras for the amusement of the TV viewers. Actually it’s funny but pretty sick.

There is currently surveillance technology available that makes it possible to view video surveillance from a hidden camera on the Android or 3G phone.

With the WiFi Alarm Clock Radio Hidden Camera you can get motion activated alerts can even be sent to your email or cell phone. You can quickly view live or past recordings and motion activated “events”. You can watch your cheating spouse anytime, anywhere from any Internet PC or Internet active cell phone, including Android phone.

LiveView Real Time Video via Internet -Simply type in IP address and password from any Internet active computer or cell phone, and view real time video on your WiFi alarm clock radio hidden camera.


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