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Why have spy cameras in your home?

To see what’s going on when you’re not there!

Let’s say you hired a new baby sitter that a co-worker referred to you. You checked out her references and everything looks good, but now your children complain about her but she says everything is fine and not to worry. Are items missing from you home? Are there unexplained bruises and scratches on your children? Is the new babysitter having her friends in the house while you are away?

A hidden nanny cam will put your mind at ease or provide you the evidence to confirm your suspicions.
OK, the sitter says her “boyfriend” visited for a minute to bring over her notebook computer she left in his car and according to her “he was never in the house”.
After the babysitter leaves, you play back the hidden nanny cam and discover the boyfriend visited inside the house for 2 hours!
What really is going on when you’re not there? You can easily install an in home surveillance system that will link back to your computer. Better yet, install a LIVE ip Nanny Cam you can log onto from a remote internet connection.
That’s right! You can see what’s going on NOW!
There are various other applications for this technology. Such as, restaurants, schools, offices and daycare centers. Exterior cameras for your home, business and parking areas are also a good idea.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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