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Why Keep Your Things Secure Under The Radar

I got a surprising telephone call from my sister one early morning. Her residence had been broken into while she was spending a trip out of town with her fiancé. Her jewelry, hidden inside of her drawer, had been wiped out.

Learning from her experience, I thought of buttressing our residence with state-of-the-art home safety products even though I could barely find the money for it. Thankfully, I came across a range of decoy safes or diversion safes while browsing on the internet.

Not like the normal safe, that is usually made of steel and also costs a lot of money, these kinds of decoy safes are hidden as normal merchandise. The disguises are products usually seen inside the house to ensure that whenever a burglar sees them, he would feel that they are normal house items.

While sorting through numerous diversion safes, I was struck immediately with an idea. I purchased an Ajax household cleaner safe to hide my precious jewelry. With other cleaning items, it is unnoticeable and strategically placed.

Since I tend to get locked out of our home a lot, I obtained a stone safe to ensure that I could use it to hide the front door key. It may be an old trick to hide a key underneath a rug or rock however this one hides it inside. When an intruder suspects that a key is hidden below it, he will be disappointed to learn nothing there.

A wall socket safe is another favorite of mine. Who would think to inspect an innocent-looking electrical outlet and risk becoming electrocuted? That is precisely why I feel assured regarding concealing our weekly allowance and an emergency credit card inside it.

Home robbers will devote only a couple of minutes ransacking a home. They have their target spots where to search for valuables. When those belongings are hidden within covert hiding safes instead, their time is going to be up before they can find something.

I find decoy safes or diversion safes the best hiding locations for the small but expensive items that I hold dear. Housebreakers can be ruthlessly thorough so I am pleased to be well prepared for that.

Ajax Diversion Safe, the best place to hide anything is in plain sight

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