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Why Use A Stun Gun?

Why use a stun gun? Reasons why women should be ready to defend themselves from harm

Are you looking for ways to defend yourself from people with malicious intentions?

If martial arts is not your thing, or you don’t have time to train, a non-lethal weapon is the way to go. Mostly these weapons include pepper sprays and stun guns, among others. Research shows that every 92 seconds, an American experiences sexual assault, and most of the time, women are the victims.

Additionally, for every six women, one is a rape victim. What’s more, many of the sexual assault victims are aged between 18 and 34 years.

These figures signify a reality we need to come to terms with. Even though the cases of rape and sexual violence have reduced, the rate is still high.

This is why it is crucial to have a personal protection strategy, and a stun gun is the way to go. But why use a stun gun?

Stun guns come with several advantages, and among them is how they are designed in different shapes, making them comfortable and quick to use. Most of the new shapes are subtle and more convenient to carry. Various kinds of stun guns are shaped like cell phones, flashlights, and spike stun guns.

A stun gun is especially handy when the attacker has already grabbed the victim. In this article, we will answer the question Why use a stun gunContinue reading to find out more about how a stun gun can turn out to be a useful personal protection tool.

Here are the top 6 reasons why women should consider carrying a stun gun;

1. Discreet self-defense weapon

The top stun guns in the market come in different sizes and shapes. Most types have compact shapes that can fit the smallest purses. They are especially perfect if you want to keep one hidden, when you want the attacker to know you have it.

Besides, there are various stun gun models for women. The most common kinds are the handheld ones. Other types have dual purposes, such as the flashlight designs, which also function as a flashlight.

2. It is a non-lethal weapon.

When going to school, work, or at home, do you sometimes walk alone? Carrying a stun gun with you can come in handy if you pass through isolated places or lonely pathways. Carrying a defense weapon is among the most helpful safety tips when you are walking by yourself. If you are a student, it is a good idea to have it as part of your college survival kit.

They are non-lethal, and most of the time, they only disable the assailant. This weapon should be used together with the best protective means; awareness and alertness. This weapon does not do as much harm as firearms do. And even though some stun guns come with increased voltage, most do not cause long-term damage. This is because of the reduced amperage of this weapon.

3. Efficient and fast

Within one second of contact with the weapon’s prongs, they can cause muscle contraction and pain. And after contact for about three seconds, it will lead to immobilization. However, in a physical brawl, 3 seconds is a long time. They are powerful enough to shock the assailant’s muscles within 1 to 3 seconds. There is not a perfectly designed stun gun for women, although the best type is an effective one.

For a self-defense weapon, even the cheap stun guns can be beneficial, especially with the current high rate of crime. The best way to get the most from this gadget is to do some practice. It will be of great assistance if you are in trouble with the knowledge of how to handle it properly.

4. They are convenient to carry

The compact stun guns are more comfortable to take with you as compared to heavier weapons, and they weigh significantly less. Naturally, when carrying this weapon, it is not something you want everyone to know.

The models in the market nowadays come in various more discreet shapes. For instance, one shaped like a cell phone, can fit even in your pocket. Moreover, the smaller the size, the more flexible it is; you can put it in your purse, pocket, or even glove compartment.

5. They are not expensive.

As compared to other self-defense weapons, stun guns are cheaper. Plus, they do not use any ammunition, and they don’t require fresh batteries because they are rechargeable. The other great thing about these weapons is with their loud crackling lets you release warning “shots.” If you use a stun gun on someone, you can comfortably touch them as you do it since the weapon’s shock will not pass through to you.

Also, some stun guns can reach someone who is very far from you. For instance, the stun baton has a smaller design, although it can hit the attacker from a distance.

6. You do not need to aim perfectly.

This is especially convenient if you weren’t able to get to your weapon before you were attacked, since it might be difficult to aim perfectly. This is a huge bonus for this weapon because other weapons require a perfect aim. Stun guns have a significantly more extensive range as compared to other self-defense means.

As a result, you will manage to render your attacker powerless without aiming correctly. Besides, when in a physical struggle with your assailant, there is no time to aim perfectly.

Wrap up

A stun gun should be part of your xtreme urban survival kit. It is among the most common self-defense tools, mostly among women. Even though these weapons do not offer similar benefits as a firearm, such as the capacity to entirely undermine your assailant, guns are not easily accessible, and they cannot be carried comfortably in any area.

Whereas guns are very reliable, you cannot carry them conveniently everywhere you go. Also, guns require a lot of training, and you need to aim perfectly. Self-defense is crucial for women, and this device comes with many advantages, and the main ones are mentioned above. Ensure that you are ready to defend yourself whenever you know you will be walking alone or in a dark place. Why use a stun gun? Now you know!

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