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World’s Smallest Wireless Camera

Paul couldn’t wait to give Sherry his gift. The World’s Smallest Wireless Camera.

When he first started working for her campaign, Paul was convinced that she had all the right stuff to clean up City Hall.  After only a year, however, he discovered that she was even more corrupt than her last tow predecessors, combined.

By the time the anti-crime unit showed up on his doorstep, he already assumed she had figured out a way to frame him for some of the misdealing.  So he was ready to cooperate when the detectives asked him to help provide some hard evidence. The last piece of the puzzle was to get some visual evidence that she was meeting with one of the city’s organized crime bosses.  A picture of them shaking hands would do wonders at the grand jury.  So the detective produced what he called the World’s Smallest Video Camera – Even smaller than a nine-volt battery, the tiny device could be concealed in almost anything.  The detective explained that all they needed to do was find some way to get it into the office where it would face out toward the meeting space.

Paul always found it strange that a Florida may or had such an affinity for snow globes.  So the detective performed a little surgery on a cheap souvenir he picked up at the corner store.  With a little tweaking, the world’s smallest wireless camera peeked out from the belt buckle of a snow globe Santa Claus, while the battery hid in the trinket’s base.

Paul knew that she wouldn’t be able to resist putting it on her little display shelf in the office.  With ten hours of battery power, it would be more than enough time to catch her on video making another bad deal for her voters.

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