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About Pepper Spray

About pepper spray, it’s an excellent choice for a non-lethal self defense weapon. Stun guns and tasers are good, it is just that the effects of pepper spray last much longer. An attacker will find that when they are sprayed they will have difficulty breathing, seeing, choking, and just all around being able to function at all. Not only that, but they will feel like their skin is on fire because of the burning sensation created by the pepper spray.

Another fact about pepper spray is that it’s extremely easy to use. Point it at the attackers face and press the button. In addition to the ease of use it is also less expensive and most of the time just as effective. It has the capability of saving your life if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. A lot of women have used it to successfully to get out of a bad situation especially when their alone.

Another point about buying pepper spray is that you can keep your distance from an attacker. With a stun gun you have to be real close and touching him with the stun gun for it to work. The effects of a stun gun will last for several moments as his muscles and nervous system are disabled.

With pepper spray, your attacker will not be able to function effectively for up to a half hour. He will be temporarily blinded, he will be finding it difficult to breath and he will be choking. And, you have done all this without having to get real close to an attacker. You can stay 8 – 10 feet away and the pepper spray will still be effective.

Have you ever tasted a bit of a really hot pepper, maybe on a dare? Most of us remember how our nose started running right away and our eyes teared up and oh my gosh, the burning feeling in our mouth! Well, that is what pepper spray is made from, cayenne pepper. Of course the level of cayenne pepper in pepper spray is much, much higher than in biting into one hot pepper. When sprayed in the face with this self defense spray an attacker will stop thinking about coming after you and try to figure out how to get away from you.

Just imagine rubbing an open hot pepper into your eyes and multiply the effects of that thousand times and you’ll get a good idea of what an attacker will experience. His eyes and surrounding skin will swell up and probably shut completely. He will not be able to see, which is a very good thing. That say you can make your escape from the area and he will not be able to pursue or see which way you ran to escape the creep.

The effects described about pepper spray might seem scary but don’t worry about causing any permanent damage to an attacker. Sure, he is going to be very uncomfortable for awhile but so what. The effects start to wear off after about 45 minutes. As far as I know, no one has ever died from being hit with pepper spray.

Bottom line is that pepper spray is an effective, excellent choice when buying self defense product. It works and it is the least expensive personal protection device that you can get. Effective, inexpensive and easy to use. Making everything about pepper spray an excellent choice as a non-lethal self defense weapon for women.

Crime is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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