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An Affordable Solution To Protect Your Family Members

air purifier spy camera

The utilization of hidden cameras in home surveillance is an excellent way to protect your loved ones for a small fraction of the cost of hiring security personnel. Choosing the latter could mean paying more than what you bargained for and running the chance of hiring a syndicate which victimizes home owners in particular.

What I love regarding my air purifier hidden camera is the fact that I only paid for the actual video surveillance product. Its disguise is a perk, which makes it cheaper and more practical in keeping tabs on my family without being obvious.

This air purifier hidden camera with built-in DVR once recorded a terrible nanny whom I employed to take care of my twins. Even though it is a disguised spy camera, it actually works as an air filter that is switched on via the same power cord as the camera.

The moment I come home from work, I quickly pop the SD card onto my laptop’s card reader and watch the day’s happenings at home while I am gone. It also connects easily to a TV making use of the RCA cable which it comes with.

The motion detection function of the air purifier spy camera makes practical use of space in the memory card. Only when movement is discovered does it start to record. With its motion detection area masking, I am able to eliminate wastage of space in the event that my dog’s movements activate the recording process.

On the night I hired her, lo and behold, I was taken aback by the manner that the nanny dealt with my twins. She didn’t care that one kid was dangling dangerously over the couch while she was watching television.

She even carried the other baby under her arms like a football when she went to obtain their feeding bottles. I was horrified!

Right there and then, I made a decision that I will shortlist dependable babysitters meticulously to keep tabs on my children. However if there is one thing that I will never cut down on, it is depending on efficient hidden cameras in home security and family safety.

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