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An Exciting Time For Your Kids Off to College

It’s usually an exciting time for kids off to college. But it also can create some anxiety for parents knowing their son or daughter will away at college and want them to remain safe to enjoy the college experience. Personal security for college students is something that every parent must consider.

When your kids move out and on to college, nothing is more exciting for them then moving to their first college apartment off campus and out of the dorms.  Dorm life has it’s own feel and experience and most kids are relieved when they make the move into their own space.  There are some basics that you can make sure that your kids have when they make the move to that college apartment off campus.

The first thing that your kids should have is pretty obvious.  The most important piece of furniture in your kid’s apartment is a bed.  When it comes to your kid’s first bed in their own apartment, making sure that they have a comfortable mattress to sleep on.  Helping you kid by making sure they have a quality bed is a great way to help them be successful.  Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of issues in college and making sure your son or daughter has a comfortable place to lay their head is extremely important.

Beyond the bed, the second thing that you need to make sure your kids have is a desk to do their school work at.  A simple desk with great full spectrum lighting will give your kid a great place to do their work while at the same time make sure their environment feel safe and productive.

Beyond a desk and a bed, the next thing your kids will need for their first apartment is somewhere comfortable to sit and relax.  A simple futon or couch is often good enough to give your college kid a place to relax in their new home.  A television and game systems or other entertainment devices can be kept in the common area where it is comfortable to sit and play.

When it comes to the kitchen area, beyond a microwave, the one thing that is often forgotten, but is essential is silverware, plates, bowls, and cups.  Pots and pans are important as well, but while your kid is adjusting to life in their own space, being able to have the things that they need to microwave food for a quick bite is important as well.

For the bathroom, little things like a shower rack, cup holder, magazine rack, and toilet paper are all really important pieces of making sure that they have everything they need in their apartment.  A plunger, fire extinguisher, and toilet brushes are also great things to make sure that your kid has available.

The last basic is to make sure that your kid has all of the cleaning supplies that they may need from dish washing liquid, to bleach, laundry detergent, and even sponges.  Making sure that your college kid has these supplies will really help them move comfortably into their first college apartment off campus.

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