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Another Way For Parents To Discover More About Teenage Issues

Wall Clock Hidden Camera

Parenting an adolescent child is no easy task. Even when parents wish to believe that their teen is not the same as others, their fears might at some point materialize.

Like any other parents, we become concern always regarding the changing behavior of our teenage boy. After careful deliberation, we have made a decision to spy on him. I was designated the task to ask around for where to buy a hidden camera for this mission.

After searching the net, I found several covert cameras which were concealed inside common items. We felt that these would be great for what we were about to do given that we did not wish to reveal that we were keeping track of our kid’s activities secretly.

We have put an alarm clock hidden camera within his bedroom. It is a functional alarm clock with a built-in DVR. The DVR spared us the need to use any wire for the set up given that images are stored digitally in its SD card. We just insert the SD card to our computer to access the recorded videos.

We have also set up an air freshener hidden camera within the living room to be our eyes whenever we are not around. It is equipped for motion detection, that makes it work only the moment motion is sensed. It also comes with motion detection area masking to avoid unwanted activities, such as pets running around, from being recorded.

Plus, a wall clock camera hidden camera adorns the wall near our entrance. Also fitted with a motion sensor and also motion detection area masking, it could record everyone that goes in and out of our house.

With our child unaware regarding the spying, we will have a greater opportunity of catching illicit conduct, if there are any. Nearly all surveillance cameras inside our home have RCA cables to also let us access the videos by linking the camera to our Television set or computer display.

Up to now, the videos haven’t exposed anything out of the ordinary. We were fortunate that we knew right away where to buy hidden a camera so that we could have taken proper actions had it been necessary to do so.

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