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Arkansas In Home Care

We’ve all seen media reports of gross negligence and elderly abuse inside nursing homes and senior care facilities. Families are searching the Internet for technology to monitor the care an elderly loved one is receiving from entrusted health care workers or visiting nurse. An Air Freshener Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR is just one of many affordable and easy to operate hidden surveillance cameras available online.

Only a few months ago we were shocked to learn about an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s disease being mistreated in a nursing home.  Her son suspected elderly abuse when he visited his mother and saw red marks on her face.  When his complaints were ignored he put a hidden granny cam in the room which later recorded video evidence that confirmed his suspicion.

The story was a wake up call to families with loved ones in a nursing home or receiving Arkansas in home care services.  Increasingly older people are choosing to live independent lives and take advantage of Arkansas in home care.  But families these elderly patients are worried about the level of care their loved one receives and have installed hidden surveillance cameras to monitor Arkansas in home care.  It’s not being paranoid but realistic about safety concerns, theft and physical abuse caught on cameras at so many senior care homes across the nation.

Families of loved ones receiving Arkansas in home care are convinced that nanny cams such as the Alarm Clock Hidden Camera DVR help protect elderly patients from being victimized by dishonest health care employees and visiting nurse. Arkansas in home care providers now know that video evidence of elderly abuse at an eldercare center or private home will be immediately shown to authorities for further investigation that might reveal other criminal acts.

After reading the above information, more families are choosing to place a granny cam in the home or room of an elderly loved one.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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