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Be Aware of Surroundings and Carry Wildfire Pepper Spray

If you live in an urban community such as St. Louis , MO. There are precautions you can take to reduce your risk of being attacked and becoming a victim. Spring’s near and many of us look forward to spending more time outdoors. Running, bicycling, roller-blading and just enjoying the fresh air as we exercise at near by parks. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings when parking car and remove or hide your purse, wallet, laptop, IPOD, GPS and any electronic devices from view before you arrive at the park. If there are thieves watching, anything you place in the trunk of your car will be visible to them. They’ll just wait till you leave and break in car to steal valuables while your gone. Also, if possible exercise with a friend or in a group . Your’re less likely to be targeted for sexual assault or rape by anyone observing looking for an easy victim. Always carry an effective self defense product such as Wildfire Pepper Spray.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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