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Best Method Of Choosing A Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapon These Days

Low voltage stun guns

I have made a decision to get a low voltage stun gun. After much thought, I eventually chosen one that could best fit my sensibilities in terms of making use of force on another person albeit in the name of self-defense.

Stun guns are perhaps the strongest of self-defense weapons. They could immobilize a grown up gentleman in seconds. This is the main reason that I have chosen to purchase one but I could consign myself to utilizing a stun gun which is just as powerful even if it is not as potent.

Low voltage stun guns, like the ones created by Stun Master, work the exact same manner as its higher voltage siblings do. Upon contact with a particular part of the body, it lets out a pulsed current that makes the muscle tissues work super fast. It dumps electrical power that empties the blood sugar from the muscular tissues.

A stun gun also affects the neuromuscular operations of the body. The emitted electrical charges wreak havoc on the body’s electrical signals. This generally leads to uncoordinated motor actions. That and the weakness caused by sugar depletion immobilize an assailant.

Stun guns are non-lethal weapons. They have no lasting injury and the impact is only brief and will go away in a few minutes.

A one-second contact with a stun unit will cause muscle contraction and startle the attacker. Another second will lead to muscle spasms and a confused disposition. Intense disorientation and a loss of balance and muscle control will take place soon after three or more seconds.

There is no cause for alarm even if the assailant has a firm hold on you since you can stun him without concern with being stunned yourself. The electric current won’t pass on to you.

Low voltage stun guns are great for people who live in states that have restrictions on stun gun power. The key purpose of a stun gun is to incapacitate an opponent and provide you time to break free. The period of weakness in your opponent should provide you with the chance to call for assistance.

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