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Best Stun Gun Self Defense For Divas

Topic: Self Defense and use of Stun Gun for Protection

Keyword: best stun gun self defense for divas
If you are caught up in a situation where you have danger for your life or assets, then what do you prefer to do? Most of us would prefer running from that situation and hiding at a secure place or the other technique could be to scream as loud as possible to make sure there is someone around and they can either call the cop or help us. But in a case where there is no one with you from your friends or family and you have to go out alone, in a dark night with no surety that it is safe outside or not, yet it is important.

Then the first thing to make sure is getting a little know-how about self-defense. Self-defense is a mechanism of counter-attack on a thief, rapist, or any street criminal who is there to molest you or snatch your belongings from you. There was the time when the victims of this situation were mostly women, but now men are victim to these crimes equally. Thus it is important to know some of the basic techniques to defend yourself and attack the attacker with your on the spot insight.

To understand how to respond in such a situation, the person can either imagine a scenario, in which he or she is passing through a street and suddenly comes up with an attacker, the first thing you can do is grab anything nearby, a rod, rock, brick, or anything solid which can be used as a weapon at that moment. If you are unable to find or reach any of these things then without wasting any more time. Get your position on the ground, stay firm and erect without hesitation you have to reach to the sensitive parts of attacker’s body. Making sure you indulge the attacker into something before counter-attack, so, ch that it is totally unexpected for him and you can run away without getting harmed or keep striking unless you feel he is not able to stand on his feet for a few more minutes.

This article here is especially taking in account a number of female workers who are traveling alone, living in a place where the rate of crime is high, or they have threat due to some reasons. Getting personal safety is a preference for every human being and it is ensured by a number of lethal and non-lethal products. The use of the gun or anything which is directly related to the weapon, the shot is not really feasible for everyone to have it and use it publically as this is against the law plus it could end up in a miserable condition at the time. So using the non-lethal and mild type of protection products is helpful to have a safety backup in your handbag. The use of stun gun is one of the primitive yet most penetrated ideas during the 80’s.
Personal Protection:
It is often seen in news and movies that a girl is walking into a street after work and suddenly an evil-faced guy starts to follow her down the street with something sharp in his hand like a knife or a weapon to threaten her. And then coming near to her, grabs her from the arm and pulls her towards himself, resulting in loss of balance and brains of that girl, the girl gets kidnapped and the entire scenario is a total mess. But watching all these things what comes to the mind of spectators is tricks she would have used at that time, she could have kicked him somewhere and would have run from there. But this is not possible to come up with spontaneous reactions at that time, until and unless the person has either already experienced anything like that, or the person has got some training of self-defense.

The topic of self-defense is very old, a lot of people around the globe debate about it. So, why keep quiet? Why not think of the response or any reaction? Yes, personal protection education is as important nowadays as basic school education. It not only includes saving female from any such mishap but also helping your kids react to anything bad happening to them outside their home.

Non Lethal Protection:
Self-defense is a positive action that should be taken by every individual who wants to save themselves from a lifetime bad memory, torture, and depression. Because, one bad experience can ruin the lives, both mentally as well as physically. So, take notice while you are learning the personal protection or self-defense techniques. To counter attack read the following points and stay safe.

1. Take some basic understanding of martial arts. For that, you can take classes from an expert or you can watch online tutorials to get a prior understand, for further practice use a dummy, pillow or any family member to help you through these practices.
2. Hurt the other person using the open hand strike, this can work in a way that you have to use it as a weapon and attack right at the face, it could target nose, eyes, mouth, front and back of the neck, forehead. Target should be the most vulnerable part of the face so that it can result in serious damage to that person.
3. The attack at the groin, you can first of all measure the distance between the both, if it is a short distance you can use your knee to hit him on target, no matter it is a man or women both can be applied the same technique. But if the distance between you two is more, then use your shoe or try reaching him with the toes of your feet and attack.
4. Grab anything or you can use your handbag as a weapon to attack. Grab your bag tight and try to grip it around your wrist so that you can hit it with full strength yet the bag does not fall off.
5. If you are on the ground and the attacker is right above you, try to punch and hit him with kicks or hand boxing style on the vulnerable parts to keep a distance from him.
Why should you buy non lethal self-defense product?
The first thing that comes to your mind is safety; it includes both personal safety as well as the safety of your family. To protect yourself from any harm making sure you can move around easily is one of the priorities of every human being. For that purpose, try to be attentive first of all while being away from home. And then keeping any secure weapon in your purse or pocket to be ready for anything that could be harmful to you.

Among all the products that are available in the market for personal protection. The one that is best for girls is to have a spray for eyes. Which can be placed in the handbag or the pocket of their pant and can easily be carried anywhere around. The other thing is best stun gun self defense for divas. Coming down to narrowing the options for self-defense it is important to list some of them to make it easy for judging the possibility to have any of them or all of them upon need and based on the traveling area and time. The most commonly used items for self-protection are:

1. A small pocket size sharp knife.
2. Bright LED flashlight to project in the eyes of the attacker.
3. Pepper spray to do on the eyes that can cause itching
4. Stun gun for giving high-frequency shock upon contact with the body.
5. Taser to be used even you are at a distance and it gives an electric shock to the person which results in in-active attacker body for some time.

Taser and the stun gun both almost have the same functionality, but the major difference in them is the functionality. For stun gun, the gun should be directly in contact with the body to make the person less active and resulting immobility for some time. Whereas, for the taser, the electric shock can be given from a distance to help getting caught by the person.

What is important for the counter-attack?

To combat a number of things can be done and this is not at all a rocket science that the person should go through a series of steps and years of practice and then he or she is able to understand basics of getting out this problem. Self-protection is an insight and it is the brain response action for personal protection through which person automatically react and sometimes after the external stimulus brain starts to respond accordingly in order to save yourself and get out of it safely.

Combating needs your brain active so that you can go through a number of things in a single go. The first one is monitoring your environment, is there anyone available for your help? If not then thinking about counterattack plan. Self-defense mechanism lets you think promptly and get to know what weapon or accessible good you have at present. If it is a home, rush towards kitchen because there are plenty of forks, knives and other cutting items with sharp edges available. And if it is living room rush towards washroom lock yourself inside and if you can take your mobile phone along calling emergency police station immediately.
Most suited and highly recommended option among all the actions and reactions discussed above is using a proper product for your safety and taking it with you everywhere.

The product that is non-lethal:

By the word nonlethal it can be understood that these are those items on which you do not have to claim to have a license for keeping them. Or they are not counted as against the law to have them if you are out in public. Until and unless you are using it for your personal protection and not for harming anyone out there. Discussing best stun gun self defense for divas, here choosing among a number of stun guns, recommended is Mega Stun SA-150 by O-Mega stun guns. The stun gun is very handy and it is best to keep in the purse or even pocket. This stun gun comes with a case to cover it in and it is highly portable. The battery of the gun is not rechargeable. Which is better because a rechargeable battery can risk your life anywhere, but the Mega Stun SA-150 uses Duracell battery of 9V, which is flexible and has the low rate of risk.

The strength of this stun gun is 150KV which is good enough to push an attacker or even an animal away from you. It is a multipurpose use stun gun, it can be used as a self-protection weapon, and it can be used by military purpose during night duties at unsafe areas, for keeping yourself safe from animals in a wildlife part visitor at a place like a forest where there are small yet dangerous animals.

The idea of the stun gun was first implemented with the most powerful and supercharged stun gun by Rick Smith in 1999, and initially it was criticized by a number of critiques also the first two products that were launched were a complete failure. But further enhancement and efforts in producing one of the other powerful and flexible stun guns have made it possible by a large group of people to use it in their everyday life. There are contracts of stun gun manufacturing companies with law enforcement agencies for a regular supply of stun guns in areas with high rate of crime.

The stun guns are considered to be a reasonable tool for resisting the attackers. The use of stun gun is very easy, you have to make the stun gun in contact with the body of the person on whom you want to counter-attack, and then press the button to pass a high-frequency voltage from the gun into the body of the person from whom you want to run away. This will directly affect the brain of that person, by lowering down its movement and hindering the abilities to assault you. Never get harassed again. Be safe and stay confident. Everyone is precious. No one deserves to be assaulted. Keep your life safe and live to the fullest.

Suggest these tips to your friends, girlfriend, and sisters. To keep everyone protected it is your duty to spread this message and keep them in safe hands too. Bring yourself to light and never get afraid of anything, because you are strong.

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