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Black Owned Personal Security Products for Women

Black Owned Personal Security Products for Women


Many women have been told the same personal safety warnings from a young age. Don’t walk in secluded places alone, especially at night. Don’t leave your drink unattended. Check the back seats of your cars and immediately lock your doors after getting in.

Unfortunately, the world today is still not a perfectly safe place, and more so for women, who may appear like easy targets for criminals. This aspect is compounded in areas affected by inequality. African American women, in particular, carry an increased risk of sexual violence and harassment, making self-defense a priority for this demographic.

Urban Safety Solutions understands that there is a need to put your guard up and take responsibility for your personal safety to avoid becoming another victim. For this reason, we provide a wide array of black owned personal security products that urban women can use to protect themselves in potentially threatening situations. When your safety is on the line, you want the best personal protection products in your hands.

The Importance of Black Owned Personal Safety Products


The safety of women, especially African American women and other minorities, has been a major concern, and it is the duty of every person. There is no chance of the welfare of the society if the conditions of women are not improved. Since ancient times, women have had a respected place in society. Still, each day and each minute, women from all walks of life get harassed, assaulted, molested, or violated at various locations all over the globe.

This shouldn’t be the case in an ideal world, but unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Today, it has become imperative for women to be proactive when personal safety is concerned and respond accordingly. Urban Safety Solutions aims to be a part of this drive by providing high-quality and effective personal safety products designed with women in mind.

Multiple personal safety devices using present technologies represent an important measure in the drive to protect women all over the world. The main benefit of these devices is that they act as crime deterrents. No criminal wants to get caught, and the fact that you are well prepared to protect yourself with black owned products from will stop most attacks in their tracks.

You can say they equalize the playing field in many ways. Generally, men are considerably larger and stronger than women. This physical reality places women at a disadvantage in most potentially dangerous situations.

As a woman, having black owned security devices at your disposal gives you a better hand. It can even out the playing field during a confrontation with a bigger and more powerful enemy.

What Should Be in Your Black-Owned Personal Safety Kit?


As a woman, there are different types of threats you may face. Having a variety of personal safety devices ensures you are well prepared for anything life may throw at you. Herein are several must-have items that are part of the Xtreme urban survival kit.

1. Personal Alarm


A personal safety alarm is a device that produces an extremely loud siren when activated either by pulling on a tag or pressing a button. The loud sound, between 120 and 140 decibels, helps attract attention and scare aware an assailant.

Someone can hear the alarm from a distance up to half a mile away. This device can also disorient, surprise, and distract a criminal, affording you ample time to escape a dangerous situation.

The fear of the attention it attracts is sufficient to cause an attacker to flee the scene. No criminal wants to get caught, and so they often look for easy targets, which happens to be women. Once an attacker realizes that you were well prepared for the situation with an alarm, they will most likely abort the attack.

 Investing in a personal alarm kit from can make the difference between being a victim or surviving an attack. These safety devices came about to protect women from sexual assault, which is why they are also known as rape alarms.

A personal safety alarm is a perfect self defense device if you are uncomfortable with using alternatives that may be lethal. We understand this, and so we offer these non-lethal personal safety options. Also, these devices are extremely portable, allowing you to carry them with you anywhere you go discreetly.

They are also permitted everywhere. Granted, there are other more powerful security devices such as stun guns or pepper spray that can bring any assailant to the ground; such devices are often not permitted everywhere. For instance, most airlines don’t allow you to bring stun guns and pepper spray on board. This is also the case for many campus grounds.

Moreover, Personal safety alarms are a cost-effective way of preventing a serious attack. In the majority of defensive situations, a personal safety alarm will be very useful, and many law enforcement and security professionals agree with that sentiment. Police departments usually recommend that you carry these devices, especially when you are walking at night.

Overall, a personal safety alarm will come in handy in most dangerous situations and can help foil attacks even before they happen. However, these devices have one notable downside. They are passive protection devices and will not disable your attacker.

The good news is that we offer other more powerful solutions for your self-safety kit. It is recommendable to always be prepared with a number of safety options in your self defense kit in case of any eventualities.

2. Door Stop Alarm


The sad reality is that while you may fear for your safety outdoors, you still have to worry about your personal safety when you are indoors. A burglary occurs every minute in the U.S. For this reason, investing in a doorstop alarm kit from Urban Safety Solutions is a good place to start to put your mind at ease as you enjoy your indoor time.

A door stop alarm is a simple but effective security device. The concept behind virtually every door stop alarm is a metallic plat situated at an angle on a plastic case (slightly elevated with an internal spring). When pressure is applied to the metallic component, an extremely loud 120-decibel alarm is triggered.

You place the device firmly beneath the door, and the alarm will sound off if someone attempts to open the door from outside. Doorstop alarms have a non-skid rubber bottom, which ensures that the device will jam underneath the door even when the intruder attempts forceful entry. Despite being an inexpensive option, you can consider the door stop alarm a valuable addition to the personal protection for women.

The light and portable battery-powered devices can attract the attention of the whole building, with the 120-decibel alarm being audible up to 1,000 feet away. Our door stop alarm package features top-quality devices which can withstand a significant amount of force. This can afford you precious time to figure out a defense plan or call the authorities.

Also, if the alarm doesn’t deter an intruder, the building occupants should have responded to the emergency by the time they dislodge the device beneath the door. Very few intruders will be ready to take that kind of risk. All in all, our door wedge alarm kit will give you peace of mind and is an essential component of a college survival kit.

 If you reside in your college dorm alone or even an apartment or hotel, these small but effective devices will help alert you if someone is attempting to invade your space. Note that you have to use a door stop alarm properly for the device to be effective.

To use the device effectively, place the device approximately one to three inches from the door’s edge. Depending on the allowance under the door, the device should be at a 15 to 30-degree angle. Always ensure that you fit the device snugly beneath the door to ensure the friction from the pad will keep the door stop alarm in place for as long as possible.

With door stop alarms, you can calibrate the sensitivity settings to reduce the chances of false alarms from pets or pests. You can set the sensitivity to low, medium, or high. Also, it is advisable to utilize door stop alarms in conjunction with other black owned personal safety devices and measures.

Although they may be effective at alerting you to an intruder, they may keep a determined intruder out for so long if they attempt to kick the door open with great force. Airing on the side of caution is better as you don’t want to take any chances.

Always remember to lock your doors (people forgetting to lock their doors is a surprisingly frequent occurrence) and revamp your indoor security by using a security bar.

3. Pepper Spray


Today, among the most well-known and useful personal safety tools is pepper spray or gel. Pepper spray is very popular with women mainly because it is simple to use and easily obtainable. Pepper spray or gel is also light, portable, and discreet, enabling you to carry it with you at all times easily.

 Ease of use and convenience are important factors to consider when choosing personal protection devices. If it’s a hassle to carry and use a device, you will most likely not have it near you when you need it the most. If you are a busy woman always constantly on the move or traveling, pepper spray is a great addition to your defense kit.

Pepper spray and gel produce burning and stinging effects that leave an attacker in discomfort and pain for a long time. It irritates and inflames the mucous layer in the attacker’s eyes, nose, and throat. These effects kick in very quickly, and even the toughest attackers will not be able to resist the intense pain.

One of the most overlooked beneficial aspects of pepper spray is that you can utilize it safely from a distance, giving your attacker very little chance of reaching and disarming you. Close physical contact with your attacker isn’t necessary before you can guard yourself.

Another often overlooked advantage of Wildfire pepper gel is that it can work on multiple attackers at the same time. In some cases, you may be assaulted by more than one person. With pepper spray of gel, you can defect yourself against all the attackers at once.

One of the best disabling personal safety tools from is the Wildfire Pepper Gel. Containing 1.4 percent Major Capsaicinoids made from 2 million Scoville Heat Units (a measure of the burning intensity of pepper) of raw pepper, it is among the hottest gels available today and is designed to spray at a wide reach. The hot stream permeates the skin of an assailant resulting in intense pain, burning and stinging sensation, as well as breathing difficulties.

Also, it has been designed to shoot very accurately such that there is minimal risk of overspray or blowback, making it safer than traditional pepper spray. This means you can use it in a crowded space with minimal chances of affecting innocent bystanders since the spray will stay in the intended direction. It also boasts of a UV identification dye that may help law enforcement authorities identify an attacker.

One of the main advantages of pepper spray or gel is that they are concealable, light, portable, and they can disarm an attacker from a safe distance, greatly reducing the risk of them grabbing the weapon from you. Also, there are relatively fewer restrictions on the possession and use of pepper spray than other personal protection devices like stun guns.

 However, it’s worth noting that they still carry the risk of affecting innocent bystanders. This is more so if you use the devices improperly or use them in a confined space or on a windy day. There are important steps to take to use pepper spray or gel effectively.

First, you want to hold the canister firmly and comfortably, tightening the grip around the device. It is also important to be aware of how much of the spray or gel is remaining in the canister. You don’t want to find yourself in a tricky situation with an empty canister of pepper spray.

It’s also important to stay a safe distance from your attacker (about 10 feet away) when using the spray or gel. This reduces the chances of the attacker overpowering you or the spray or gel getting into your eyes, nose, and throat while you are in the process of protecting yourself.

To maximize the impact of the gel or spray, you have to focus on your attacker’s eyes if you can. Going for the eyes will leave them temporarily blind, allowing you enough time to escape the attack.

Note that there may be a few restrictions on the possession and use of pepper spray. For example, some campuses do not permit possession of pepper spray or gel on campus grounds. The same applies to some airlines, but not all of them. However, since they are not lethal and don’t require any licenses to carry, you can enter most buildings with pepper spray or gel.

4. Stun Gun


Stun guns are an increasingly popular less than lethal personal protection option with effective stopping power, especially among college females. Urban Safety Solutions recommends the urban commuter stun gun combo as a must-have.

In yesteryears, stun guns used to be considerably cumbersome to carry around with you. However, technological advancements today have made disguised stun guns feasible and widespread.

Stun guns comprise two sharp metallic rods at the end of the devices. The metal rods deliver a strong bout of electricity upon contact with skin. The rods are also durable and sturdy, capable of penetrating any piece of clothing.

These personal protection devices may be compact, but they dish out an incredibly powerful shock (up to 65 million volts). That is sufficient to bring even the bulkiest of attackers to their knees if the need arises. The shock effects of a Spike stun gun, including muscle spasms and immobility, last for several minutes. This is more than enough time to call for help or flee the scene.

A stun gun is also effective at deterring attacks. When a criminal sees you are wielding the weapon, they will almost always back off. The sight of this weapon will dissuade an assailant on the stop. This is among the many reasons women prefer the device for personal protection.

One of the key advantages of stun guns over other personal safety devices is effective stopping power. The powerful electric shocks will instantly disable an attacker of any size. offers a variety of compact stun guns that you can easily conceal. Our compact stun guns also feature adjustable power levels.

If you aren’t comfortable with excessive force, you can dial back the power to a level that still delivers a disarming shock but produces considerably fewer effects.

It’s vital to understand the potential disadvantages of stun guns for you to be able to use these self defense products safely. Most importantly, and we can’t emphasize this point enough, you have to be considerably close to your attacker for an effective strike. This aspect presents a tricky situation where an attacker may take the weapon from you if you happen to miss it.

Fortunately, you don’t need any prior training or special skills to use a stun gun properly. You just need to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings to enable you to react quickly, and you will avoid the aforementioned scenario.

The Benefits of Personal Safety Products for Women


If you do not possess any combative skills or have not had the chance to practice, our personal protection product for women can help keep you safe in potentially dangerous situations. The products are discrete and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. The majority of our safety devices for women are designed to be compact.

The personal safety alarms, stun guns, and pepper sprays can easily fit in your hand, and no one would know you are packed. The devices are also light and portable, allowing you to carry them with you everywhere you go, either in your purse, backpack, or even clothing accessories.

Our products are also very affordable. We want you to protect yourself and not your pockets. Some personal protection devices and measures are not only costly but difficult to access, especially for marginalized women. They may require legal permits and training to use and carry.

These considerations can be considerably expensive over the long run. You shouldn’t have to dent your pockets in order to ensure your personal safety, and our inexpensive but effective products are a testament to that sentiment. Maintenance is also inexpensive. You only need to replace the batteries on the device every few months, and you are good to go.

Also, most of the personal safety products in our line-up do not require any licenses to use and are legal almost everywhere. If you need to protect yourself with guns, you need to go through a lengthy license application process. This is not the case with the products from Urban Safety Solutions.

Moreover, using the devices effectively does not require any prior training. Easy usability is one of the reasons why many women rate these products as the best personal protection devices. A personal safety alarm kit only requires you to press a button or pull a tag, while pepper spray and stun guns don’t require very good aim for them to work.

The fact that these products are not lethal is also an important consideration. Many people are not ready or willing to use deadly personal protection tools regardless of the situation for ethical or principle reasons. Our products offer solace that you can still protect yourself and protect life in general, even if it means the life of your attacker. 

Overall, investing in black owned personal protection devices available at goes a long way in addressing the current inequalities in the safety of women all across the country. You can make your community safer and improve the quality of life of many women by supporting small businesses dedicated to ensuring safer neighborhoods.

You can also be part of celebrating the black culture that inspires our African American entrepreneurs to provide essential personal protection tools designed to cater to the needs of black women and other minorities in terms of style, functionality, usability, availability, and cost-efficiency.

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