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Bug Detectors Work As Powerful Counter Surveillance Gadgets

All over the Internet, there had been pictures of innocent female students taking a bath or shower that were being spread.

My sister and her friends attempted to view these still pictures but the web site demanded payment before they were allowed to see those.  Surely, this was run by a group that preys on ladies who were unaware that their privacy was being abused.  This really scared many women on campus, not knowing how to protect themselves.

As soon as I was told about this, I did not waste time going to my sister’s apartment near her university.  The counter surveillance gadget that I brought along were bug detectors that can detect if there are hidden cameras or microphones.

Bug detectors are designed to discover where mics or hidden cameras are installed.  They are very sensitive to the radio frequencies of wireless gadgets as well.  I turned them on and started them waving around the entire apartment, especially in my sister’s bathroom.

Since bugs come in different sizes and shapes, some even smaller than a penny, bug detectors will aid in detecting their existence for their easy location.

I used the Bug detector with Strength Meter in my sister’s apartment to search for wireless surveillance gadgets.  This model can sense any signal from 1 MHZ to 3 MHz.  Another kind of bug detector is the Lens Finder – Camera Detector that is also highly sensitive in identifying the location of the transmitters of wireless cameras.

I especially like the Frequency Detector with Strength Meter because it has hi-tech circuitry that is very sensitive in identifying wireless transmitters.  With an LCD screen where the frequency is shown, it would be a lot easier and faster to find the hidden bugs.

Bug detectors are a big boost to counter surveillance operations.  Now, I know that my sister is safe from the cyber creeps who are looking for innocent victims.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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