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Buy Pink Taser For Wife

Stun guns are a nondeadly self-defense for women who need to protect
themselves from attacks. When we think of stun guns or Tasers, we are always
associating it with dark or military colors and in masculine design. But did
you know that you could now buy pink taser for your wife? In addition, they do
not come in boring styles anymore as these electroshock gadgets for women now
come in exciting designs and colors.

A stun gun is an excellent means of self-defense that women needs to
carry at all times. It can use as a deterrent and if need be it can also
disable an attacker for a moment when it delivers its non-deadly but high
voltage electric shock to the opponent. If an attack is imminent, women can
show its power by testing in the air enough to scare off the attacker.

Just the sight of its electricity in between the two prongs can create an
intimidating sight and sound. Stun guns can also come in a variety of disguises
for a discreet protection like in the form of a lipstick or a cellphone.

When choosing a stun gun, aside from the design, you must also consider
the voltage. You stun gun must have high voltage as much as 4.5 million volts
which can deliver 3 to 4 milliamps of electricity. A stun weapon of this
voltage is enough to defend yourself from an attack.

In terms of size, the women’s stun gun is much smaller and lighter than
men’s are. It is also equipped with a non-slip material for a stronger grip. In
terms of colors, stun guns for women are discrete in the shades mostly
associated with a female. Pink is the top color but this does not diminish the
ability of the stun gun for self-defense.

A stun gun for women has become more discrete but still dependable. If
you buy pink taser for your wife, rest assured that she could very well protect
herself with such girly weapon.

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