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Can You Really Trust The Babysitter?

The following is from a concerned parent that appreciates the value of having nanny cams in the home…

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs around.  I speak from experience with 3 girls from the age of 7 and younger. One of the things I struggle with is finding a babysitter we can trust.  We all have heard the many stories of people leaving their children with people they trust only to find terrible things have happened.  The solution to this would be never leave your kids alone with no one other than you and your wife – unrealistic.

We all need that relaxation time, down time.  So to get that peace-of-mind, I have installed some nanny cams around the house hidden in certain objects.  This has given me the piece of mind I needed.  When it comes to my kids I feel that the use of hidden cameras is 100% acceptable and allows me to now who is really watching my children and what is going on.

The topic of Spying or Monitoring and whether it is appropriate is a very popular topic online and offline.  The issue affects the privacy and safety of all people both young and old.

There are certainly many sides to the debate but there are some clear positives and negatives, which mainly boil down to whether or not spying or monitoring is being abused.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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