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Car Clouting Outbreak In St. Louis

So, I bet your wondering what car clouting is? Didn’t know myself until I researched the term. It’s the same as “smash n grab” which is when thieves bust out a car window and take whatever they can quickly grab from inside your vehicle. Over the past weekend here in St. Louis, Mo there were more than 20 vehicles with broken windows and items stolen in the downtown areas of the city. It was reported most of the vehicles were parked on the street in the Soulard area of downtown. The best way to minimize becoming a car clouting victim is to remove or hide valuables such as; GPS devices, ipods, mp3 players, satellite receivers, money including change and laptops if you can believe people would leave something so obvious in the seat of a car. Oh, it’s very important that these objects are removed from site before parking car. If you wait until you park, anyone observing nearby can see what’s available in your car to steal and always ¬†carry Wildfire Pepper Spray and be ready to use it.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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