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College Dorm Checklist for Girls Will Prevent Your Daughter from Being Victimized

The following experience  is just one example of the value of  investing in some form of personal protection and being prepared…

I can’t believe I’m actually heading off to college this fall.  It seems like I’ve been in high school forever, but I finally graduated.  Now, I’m getting to go live by myself and make my own rules for a change.  It feels really weird to be responsible for my own well being now.  I don’t really feel like an adult yet, but I guess that will start changing pretty soon.  It makes me a little nervous to know that I’m going to be on my own now.  I never really gave much thought to my own safety living with my parents.  That was something for them to worry about.  Now, all I can thing about is what if someone breaks in or tries to mug me while I’m walking to class or something.  I’ve heard it happens all the time even on campus.

My school sent me this college dorm checklist for girls that includes a bunch of self defense stuff.  I didn’t think this was all something everyone carried around, but I guess it makes some sense.  I’d rather be one of the ones carrying something than not.  I’ll have to figure out how everything works before I get there though.  You wouldn’t want to be fumbling around with your pepper spray with some guy trying to stab you or something.

I suppose I should really look over that college dorm checklist for girls to see if there’s anything that I think would really work for me.  I really haven’t used anything before, but I might be more comfortable with one of them than the others.  Maybe I should sign up for a self defense class or something.  It wouldn’t hurt to learn some techniques for getting away from somebody.  It would certainly help if I forgot my pepper spray or any of the other gadgets they have listed on here.  I wonder where I could go to find a self defense teacher.

I’m a little surprised they don’t have self defense classes listed on this college dorm checklist for girls.  I thing that would be more important than just carrying around something you don’t know how to use properly.  After all, the guy could just wrench it out of your hand or something and use it against you.  I’d rather rely on my own hands to take someone down in that situation.  They can’t take those away from me too easily.  I’ve got a pretty good grip on those suckers.  Anyway, I think I’ll go look up some self defense classes and see if I can get them in before heading off to my new school.  I’m sure I’ll feel much better about it after I go through some kind of program.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!


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