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College Tips – Be Safe On Dates With Self Defense Products

Please feel free to submit your own experiences such as the one below if you would like me to share your own personal story with readers of this blog…

Low-cost lodging is the attraction of my ladies-only hostel next to a college campus, and a nonrestrictive environment, its unintended attraction.  My family keeps an eye on the house in addition to a wireless security system.

I instill college dating safety tips in my occupants, who look up to me as a parent figure, without undermining the authority of their real mothers.  If it were my youngsters, I would have imposed tighter curfews and regulations.

College romance is full of drama.  The moment one of my residents starts dating a professor, someone in her peer group or a friend’s ex, I know there is going to be trouble.  These are no-nos in my college dating safety tips.

Date rape is a huge cause of worry for me.  This is the reason I got on the internet to find a non-lethal self-defense weapon that looks inconspicuous, and I came across the Stun Master 1.2 million volt pen stun gun with flashlight.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for ladies to be led into staying alone with a date they do not trust and fall prey to date rape.  When I spout off about college dating safety tips, I emphasize that being intoxicated weakens defenses.

The Stun Master pen stun gun with flashlight is ideal for my residents as it is easy to bring along and has a cool pen-like housing.  Unleashing 1.2 million volts of stopping force, it will temporarily paralyze a disrespectful date and other attackers.

Rechargeable and with a built-in integrated charger, this Stun Master 1.2 million volt pen stun gun is equipped with a powerful LED flashlight for defense in darkness without needing to remove the safety cap against accidental firing.

I try to live by example and show my occupants that I mean what I say when I pass on my college dating safety tips. The best way to do this is to help them carry out whatever I have taught them.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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