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Complete Home Surveillance Equipment

Being a executive assistant to a successful entrepreneur,  I don’t only perform administrative duties in the workplace, but I also carry out special projects that he can’t handle anymore but wouldn’t entrust to just anyone.

Recently, he acquired a piece of property in a quite well-off area.  The houses within this secluded neighborhood are few and far between, so he needed a total security solution to safeguard his newly bought residence.  When I was asked to look into the Complete Home Surveillance Equipment, I made the decision that it could be the quickest to start on the web.

I assumed that a 16 Channel Wireless DVR Complete System would surely fit his requirements.  This system makes use of 16 cameras that consist of 12 wired and 4 wireless cameras.  It supplies a digital video recorder with a complete networking capacity, which allows him to view live on the internet any activity in or around his home.

This total bundle is perfect for vast locations including warehouses or luxury homes.  It includes a stand-alone 16 channel DVR, 12 units of day/night color wired bullet cameras, 4 units of color wireless bullet cameras, 12 pieces of one hundred food video cables, four models of 2.4 GHz video clip receivers and a 17 inch LCD monitor.

Among Home Surveillance Equipment, the 8 Channel Wireless DVR Complete System is ideal for mid-sized offices and residences.  Together with a stand-alone eight channel DVR, it includes four color wired bullet cameras for day/night use, four color wireless bullet cameras for day/night use, four pieces of a hundred foot video clip cables, 4 units of 2.4 GHz video receivers and a 17 inch LCD monitor.

I didn’t wish to second-guess his option of Home Surveillance Equipment so I’m suggesting the 4 Channel Wireless DVR Complete System although it is much more suited to small-scale businesses and homes.  Inside the package is a stand-alone four channel DVR, four day/night bullet cameras that are wireless color cameras, four models of 2.4 GHz video receivers and a 17 inch LCD monitor.

The 4 Channel DVR Complete System – Deluxe would be the very best for outside uses because it includes cameras with dome housings.  The set constitutes a stand-alone four channel DVR, two day/night weatherproof dome cameras, 2 days/night weatherproof bullet cameras, 1 remote control, 4 pieces of 50 foot cables and four units of power supply.

In case he prefers the most economical of Home Surveillance Equipment, that would need to be the 4 Channel Wired USB DVR Complete System.  This program might be setup in a mere five minutes.  A USB digital video recorder, four day/night color wired bullet cameras and 4 pieces of a hundred food video clip cables comprise the bundle.

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