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Criminals Beat Elderly South St. Louis Man to Death

Violent St. Louis criminals attack South City couple about 10:45 AM Saturday morning killing Hoang Nguyen,72. The 59 year old woman with him suffered multiple cuts and bruises and was hospitalized in serious condition. Two African American men and two African American women hit the victims with their fist and kicked them in an alley. The couple did not own a car and were walking back from the store near the 3800 block of Spring Avenue.

How cowardly for these urban thugs to attack this defenseless couple with such excessive violence. It wasn’t  bad enough that these victims were targeted to be victimized, these creeps needed blood and it resulted in another senseless death in our murderous city. This horrific tragedy is a sobering reminder of the dangerous times that exist in our urban community and non-lethal personal protection weapons such as pepper spray, stun gun and taser can save your life.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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