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Defensive Pepper Spray Safeguards Women from Being Victimized by Creeps


Female jogger was sexually assaulted by sexual predator on MetroLink bike trail.  Thug’s attempt to rape the woman was thwarted by the victim yelling for help as she successfully fought off attacker.  Other bicyclist nearby heard her cries for help and scared off the attacker.

This creep is still on the loose looking for another female to victimize.  All women should carry and be prepared to use Defensive Pepper Spray or Pepper Gel as self defense against an attacker.

Also, when exercising outdoors try to do so with at least one other person and never cover both ears with headphone or ear buds if listening to an Ipod, mp3 players, walkman etc. Leave one ear open to allow you to hear someone sneaking behind you as you jog or run.  Defensive pepper spray such as Mace are inexpensive yet effectively safeguards women from being victimized by an assailant.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban


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