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Discreet Ways To Keep Track Of A Place Of Business

4 channel wireless DVR complete system

Not too long ago, I was able to open a convenience shop business in my town. I make an effort to be around constantly but needing to attend to many other matters keep me away from my very own establishment.

Having 3 staff within the premises, I did not worry about not being there myself. But, I noticed some losses in the cash register and of merchandise. It urged me to buy a wireless hidden camera system to get to the bottom of things.

Spy cameras are used for keeping track of activity subtly to help capture an offender in the act. These will help me watch everything that occurs in the shop whenever I am not there. They appear like regular everyday items so that no one would suspect being monitored.

While doing an online search, I came across a 4 channel wireless DVR complete system that would be perfect for the store. It consisted of 4 wireless day/night cameras, a monitor, cables, USB mouse, remote control, and also built-in removable HDD rack.

Opting to buy this system was a simple one for me as it eliminates the trouble of searching and purchasing all the gadgets separately, which is not just confusing but a waste of time and money.

With a DVR included, absolutely no extra installation is needed considering that the cameras come with their own recording device. A DVR offers easy playback by hooking up the camera to a TV or monitor using an RCA cable, or by connecting the SD card to a reader on a computer. Usually, the RCA cable and SD card are included with purchase.

I opted for wireless cameras because these offer the ease of not having any wires and cords to plug in, making them very easy to move around and install on difficult areas. These kinds of day/night cameras will further be able to record in the dark.

With my use of a wireless hidden camera system, my in-store workers as well as clients will be unaware that they’re being watched for potential wrongdoing. And given that they are wireless cameras, I can change their places at any time.

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