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Do Hidden Spy Cameras Work?

I’m often asked “Do hidden spy cameras work?”  My answer is absolutely!

A hidden camera is simply a small board camera built into ordinary household and office products such as a wall clock, clock radio, alarm clock, smoke detector, exit sign, desk lamp, air purifier or almost anything you can imagine. The kitchen exit sign and restaurant exit sign are very effective for covertly recording video evidence of employee theft.

Do hidden spy cameras work is proven to be less of a concern as the news media continue to show physical abuse and theft by entrusted caregivers or employees.  Built-in dvr hidden cameras are extremely popular because of the effectiveness and ease of operation.

Do hidden spy cameras work can be easily answered by the many instances of child abuse and elderly abuse caught on camera.  The advanced built-in dvr hidden cameras are basically  board cameras attached to micro sized digital video recorder.

The dvr captures the video directly to a small removable chip or SD-card.  When you want to view the covertly recorded video, pull out the SD memory card and insert it into your computer or smartphone to view.

The best hidden spy cameras feature built-in dvr with motion detector.  A dvr hidden camera costs more because of the added micro dvr technology inside.  The best hidden spy cameras allows you to covertly record without concerns about wires, frequently transmission or distance.

The best hidden spy cameras are a great choice for anyone wondering do hidden spy cameras work?

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