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Don’t Send Child Off to College Defenseless

Parents must be vigilant in making sure the loved one your sending off to college won’t be victimized by a street thug. For most college students, it’ll be the first time out on their own far away from the comfort and protection of nurturing parents. Emphasize the importance of always being aware of surroundings and not making themselves and easy target for sexual predators. College and University students must take responsibility for their own personal safety because a violent brutal surprise attack will overwhelm you in merely seconds but destroy your quality of life forever, if you survive the attack. No, it’s not a pleasant conversation to have with your child…but you better! Young people today with iPods blasting in earbuds, texting as they stroll around campus and surrounding off-campus neighborhoods are inviting targets to be mugged or raped and they’ll never see it coming. Reality check…we live in a violent world during tough economic times. Criminals aren’t always stupid and know where to find the easiest prey to stalk.

There are many inexpensive but effective non-lethal personal protection products available online. Wildfire pepper spray, Telescopic Steel Baton, Runt 4.5M Volt stun gun, Stun Master Pen 1.2M Volt stun gun, Lipstick 950,000 Volt stun gun and much, much more. It’s amazing, parents spend tens of thousands of dollars educating their child but won’t invest $100 or less to safeguard her life.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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