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Downtown St Louis Living

Crime is real in most urban communities and St. Louis, MO has been plagued in recent months and the past school year with rapes on or near SLU and Washington University St Louis, MO campuses. Overnight car break-ins of vehicles parked on city streets of CWE, South City, Soulard and parking garages of the county have been a frequent occurrence all of which were reported by local news media so more detailed facts available online. Random shootings in downtown St Louis and surrounding neighborhoods of the city is a significant problem that’s out of control. When traveling throughout the city and shopping at retail stores, please use common sense and not leave packages or valuables visible in your vehicle. Downtown St Louis living requires residents to be vigilant about personal safety and always be aware of surroundings. Some residents of the renovated areas of downtown such as Washington Ave, Locust and Lafayette Park carry non-lethal self defense products such as the Taser C2 for added peace of mind against an attack.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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