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Evaluating A Taser C2 With Other Stun Guns

Engaging in a skirmish together with the perpetrator of a crime is anything but recommended. You can be hurt before you get to pull your stun gun or other self-defense weapon.

Now comes the C2 Taser gun, luckily. It can significantly reduce the occurrences of close-quarter defense in the course of crime situations due to its long-range capabilities.

A fact that you need to know regarding the Taser is that it could cease a threat instantly even if the threat is a distance away from your position. It can reach a maximum distance of 15 feet, secure enough for you to avoid any kind of physicality or close contact.

For any new user of a C2 Taser gun, this could necessarily mean a lot of difference because you then need not risk receiving bruises and also abrasions because of grappling with the opponent and other such effects of physical fight.

Unlike regular stun guns, the Taser C2 may be readily discharged into any part of an individual’s body. You could attack a wrongdoer at virtually any convenient posture without needing to give up the weapon’s ideal effect, which would be to disable the target.

Much like other defensive tools, a C2 Taser gun is meant just for your personal protection. Like any other stun gun, it is non deadly and you can expect simply no permanent harm to be induced.

You have to know, though, that only the Taser makes use of electro-muscular disruption technology. It is more powerful as to take away the significance of the assailant’s tolerance to pain because of electric shock.

In case you were going to compare a C2 Taser gun with the normal stun gun, you would most likely go for the former due to its convenience, distance in execution as well as larger area of effect. Any stun gun is good enough for guaranteeing safety but it would always be smart to pick one that can provide you with a better quality of protection.

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