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Female College Student Rescued from Abduction

Chapel Hill, N.C. Police arrested Theodore James Walker trying to kidnap a 20 year old female jogger last week. This piece of crap sprayed the young woman in the face with cheap quality pepper spray and then tried to drag her into his car. Two brothers driving by the scene of the attack, saw the woman being abducted and successfully intervened rescuing the young UNC student…it was her birthday! The victim told police that she was jogging alone when the attacker seemingly appeared from nowhere. Police found a loaded shot gun and baseball bat in Walker’s car. Since his arrest, two Chapel Hill teens have come forward and identified Theodore James Walker as the person who attempted to abduct them the day before his arrest and another woman now has reported being attacked by this sexual predator a week before he was caught.

My urban community of St. Louis, MO is experiencing problems of violent crime on the campuses of SLU and Washington University. College students have been raped, beaten and robbed during the past few months with no arrest to date. I strongly recommend that parents invest in an inexpensive key chain Wildfire Pepper Spray, Rechargeable 4.5 Million Volt Runt Stun Gun or Extreme College Survival Kit giving your daughter a fighting chance if attacked.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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