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Helpful Method Of Tracking Activity At Night

For a long time now I have worked as a security officer at a public high school in our town. I have to admit that I have seen my share of rowdy kids. In fact a recent disturbance which we encountered was vandalism on school building walls.

To avoid these types of stunts from taking place once more my shift was moved from day to night in hopes that I would capture the culprits in the act while patrolling the school grounds. To help me out I was provided a night vision hidden spy camera for recording any kind of event.

Surveillance cameras are helpful for viewing any activity subtly. With these we will ultimately be able to figure out who are behind the destruction and get them on video. Most spy cameras appear to resemble regular everyday items so that those who are being watched will not notice them.

What the school gave me was an infrared LED flashlight hidden spy camera with laser pointer. I find it helpful in many ways. Its the ideal disguise being a totally functional flashlight which could actually help me see better at night.

Having this sort of covert camera enables me to perform mobile surveillance even in low light settings. The camera lens is placed in the middle of the flashlight in order that it records wherever the flashlight is pointing to.

My multifunctional infrared LED flashlight hidden camera is uniquely designed and also simple to use. Its small and handy size makes it simple to hide and carry around while I do my rounds on school premises.

The package was made up of the IR LED flashlight DVR along with an 8GB micro SD card plus an adaptor USB cable as well as user manual. With a large memory it provides a longer time for recording.

There is no doubt that a night vision hidden spy camera can help me do my job more efficiently. Plus I cant wait to catch the children committing acts of vandalism so that they could start cleaning up the mess they have made.

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