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Hidden Camera

If you are a working mom and your children are being watched by a nanny or babysitter, then you should consider a hidden camera which is also known as a nanny cam. These tiny mini cameras can be installed almost anywhere, including within stuffed animals, furniture and everyday household items. For instance, our Wind Tunnel Hidden Camera DVR features motion activated recording that starts as soon as motion is detected. This Tower fan plugs directly into the wall which powers the tower fan, hidden camera and DVR. You can save recorded images from the hidden camera as home movies or you can monitor the behavior or treatment of your child when you’re not at home.

Of course, a hidden camera or nanny cam can be used in many other places besides your child’s bedroom. For example, if you suspect an elderly relative is being mistreated in a permanent care facility, you can place a hidden camera in their room to monitor the care your loved one is receiving. Installing a hidden camera around your home can help ensure your children behave responsibly or simply monitor the care your pets are receiving from the house sitter. We even have infrared cameras that can monitor areas in the dark, without sacrificing video quality.

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