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Hidden Cameras for Nursing Home Protects Elderly Patients from Abuse

Hidden cameras for nursing home protects elderly patients from abuse and neglect by entrusted caregivers. Families of the patients in such a home have greater peace-of-mind knowing the care of their loved one can be monitored. The newest hidden cameras for nursing home come with a built-in DVR that includes a SD card to record video images.

Choosing the right nursing home for any family can be a very lengthy and complex process.  Families want to be certain that the premises of a facility is safe for their loved ones and that employees have been properly trained to provide the best care.  However, the safety of nursing home patients can easily be compromised if facilities are not maintained and if employees are not properly monitored or trained.

In the wake of increasing reports of nursing home abuse and neglect, more families in Washington state and other parts of the country may decide to sacrifice their loved one’s privacy in order to protect them from suffering undue injury or harm. Some families claim to catch workers abusing patients and video evidence of such abuse will greatly assist with proving their case.

Cameras installed in nursing homes by families around the United States have already been successful in catching abusive nursing home employees.  One family used video footage from a fan hidden camera DVR to catch two workers striking their 78-year-old mother.  And more than 20 workers at one nursing home faced criminal charges after hidden cameras caught the workers mistreating patients.

Hidden cameras for nursing homes are the only way to verify a person’s safety in a nursing home at all times, opponents claim that it is a violation of both the patients’ and workers’ privacy.  Only three states have passed legislation regarding nursing home camera use, but such legislation has been proposed in other states in the past.

Those who criticize hidden camera use in nursing homes also claim that they could increase care costs due to higher insurance premiums, and more difficulty hiring employees loved ones to nursing home neglect or who have had a loved one suffer injuries from an abusive worker welcome hidden cameras for nursing home as a successful and necessary solution to preventing abuse in nursing homes.

Hidden cameras for nursing home protects all elderly patients. Hidden cameras for nursing home especially protects ill patients suffering with dementia or alzheimer’s disease, from being victimized by abusive and neglectful caregivers entrusted to ensure their safety and care.

Much of the above information came from an article written by Levinson Law Offices in Kent, Washington.



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