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Home Care Hidden Cameras Guard Against Theft and Reveal Patient Abuse

The numerous news media reports of physical abuse and theft against elderly patients in senior care homes has driven concerned families to install an electronic safeguard to monitor the care a loved one is receiving.

Home care hidden cameras guard against theft and physical abuse by entrusted caregivers visiting the home of an ill elderly family member.  Visiting nurses and service personnel have been caught on camera being physically abusive towards patients.  Acts of theft by service personnel and health care workers has created a greater demand for home care hidden cameras and hidden cameras for nursing homes.

Home care hidden cameras guard against theft and physical abuse while providing video evidence of criminal acts to present to law enforcement.  Families have greater peace-of-mind because any acts of physical abuse by hired health care workers entering the home or the room of a patient at a senior care facility can be monitored and immediately addressed.

In addition to home care hidden cameras guarding against theft, elderly abuse and patient abuse home care hidden cameras can reveal if a visiting nurse is arriving at the scheduled time to the home of a loved one.

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