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Home Care Hidden Cameras In Nursing Homes Reveal Abuse

More families are taking advantage of advances in surveillance technology and using granny cams to help guard loved ones they suspect are being mistreated by caregivers at nursing homes. Home care hidden cameras in nursing homes are easily available online and both law enforcement and many facility managers are now using nanny cams or granny cams to reveal abuse of residents by workers.

Home care hidden cameras in nursing homes have given families of loved ones peace-of-mind by allowing them to monitor the care being provided in the senior care facility, retirement home or nursing home.  These cameras have successfully caught in the act abuse by employees who were entrusted to be nurturing caregivers.

For example, home care hidden cameras in nursing home captured video of workers abusing and hitting a 78-year-old woman, who suffers form Alzheimer’s disease.  In New York, authorities arrested 22 employees of a nursing home after granny cams and hidden cameras revealed disgusting abuse of residents by workers at the nursing home.

Because home care hidden cameras in nursing homes are more widely accepted, families now can use today’s advanced technology to help ensure the safety of loved ones.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!


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