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Home Security Camera System: Indoor IP Camera

These are dangerous times, busy working parents are choosing to install a home security camera system so they can monitor activities inside and around the home. Today, increased job responsibilities sometimes demand long hours at the office, travel and time away from your children. Too often, the entrusted nanny or babysitter is interacting with the children more than the parents during a normal work week. So, parents must be vigilant in making sure their babies are cared for properly. Utilizing a home security camera system such as an Indoor IP Camera will allow a traveling mom to view live video or review previous recordings of the care your infant is receiving from the nanny while your away.

Remember the horrific abuse of a 11-month old boy by trusted nanny Jeannine Campbell, recorded on a recently installed hidden camera? It wasn’t until the toddler’s parents Amanda Hammock and her husband Charles noticed an unexplained black eye, that the hidden camera was installed. Upon review, the home security camera system revealed continuous malicious attacks on their innocent baby by Jeannine Campbell. The hidden camera confirmed the fathers suspicion of child abuse. The Hammocks are constantly haunted by thoughts of other abuse that may have occurred in another room of the home, where there wasn’t a camera. The video recordings of abuse was given to the local police and used as evidence against the abusive nanny, Jeannine Campbell. The psycho nanny has been sentenced to 8yrs in prison.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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