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How Can I Protect My Daughter Away At Urban College

Unfortunately, the video above depicts the dangers of living in an urban community like St. Louis, Mo. Residents, commuters and visitors must be vigilant about being aware of their surroundings at all times.

In college, there will be kids from everywhere attending the very same school as your daughter. They may be students but they may be trying to hide malicious intentions that you could never know about until it is too late.  Because of this, personal security for college students has to be made a priority. Especially, when traveling through the urban areas of St. Louis, Mo.

Self-defense devices will definitely be convenient but can come out useless if you buy the wrong items.  Not only does that put you in danger, it is a complete waste of money as well.  A smart way to ensure personal security for college students would be via special purpose kits.  These ideally contain all the gadgets that an undergraduate may need for security against crooks.  Whether you need alarms set up in your room or a device on your person that can incapacitate thugs, an urban safety kit will protect your son or daughter from being victimized by urban street thugs in St. Louis, Mo.

However, it is important that you select an urban safety kit that will will be easy for your college daughter to employ if needed for self defense and overall personal protection, especially if your daughter is living off campus in the urban St. Louis community.  A good college urban safety kit must possess an array of self-defense devices put together by professionals for the specific purpose of surviving on campus or off of university property.  Kits that uphold personal security for college students are also much more cost-efficient because you buy the contents as a whole.  Not only that, you save a lot of time and effort from needing to search for those separately.  There are several tools that you will need to remain protected but a few of the vital ones that you will be surprised you really need would be a nap alarm, electronic pocket whistle and pepper spray with keychain.

When searching for a college survival kit, ensure that you acquire more than simply the actual devices for protection.   Personal security for college students is much more than simply about tools.  Purchase a package that contains an instructional DVD along with the user manual, and special safety reports.  By securing the suitable kit and learning how to utilize it, you can reduce your chances or that of a loved one from being victimized by street crime.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!


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