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How Can The Xtreme Urban Survival Kit Protect My Daughter Who Lives Alone?

Violent crime wide spread in urban cities, college towns and rural communities


Crime is real!!

The world, as we know, it has become increasingly troublesome over the years. Unlike before, our streets are now more frightening and more unsafe, which calls for us to be vigilant in protecting ourselves more than ever before. What’s more, with crime rates surging every single day and the society growing more and more violent, we must understand, and embrace self-defense techniques and tools to guarantee our safety.

For women in particular, who work night shifts or are in college, the best way to avoid getting mugged, raped, or even kidnapped is to invest in personal safety products to help safeguard yourself from potential attackers. Furthermore, it is not just for women, but also for young men and boys.

Self-defense is everyone’s right, and creating awareness about this is equally crucial. So, if you want to protect your spouse, fiancée, girlfriend, child, or even yourself from any attacks, you need to check out the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit from Urban Safety Solutions. The same applies if you have unfortunately fallen victim to such incidents and want an effective and affordable means to protect yourself,

The Xtreme Urban Survival Kit: A Convenient and Handy Personal Safety SolutionXtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

Choosing the proper and effective self-defense mechanism is crucial when it comes to personal safety and the safety of your loved ones. With the appropriate safety gadgets, men, women, college students, night-shift nurses, and so many other individuals who are prone to safety risks can confidently go on with their duties, knowing that they are well prepared for any unforeseen incident.

The Xtreme Urban Survival Kit is a remarkably convenient, powerful, and affordable means for citizens across the world to ensure that we have the proper tools for personal protection. This can usually be against the numerous acts of violence against humanity that include personal robbery, sexual assaults, among other violent criminal attacks.

With this unique survival kit, we now have a dynamic and effective means of helping us cope with any trick situations, all while helping us save our lives.

This set of self-defense tools is designed to boost the personal safety of every individual, man or woman, who have to traverse various risky settings like garages, parking lots, and tunnels. It is ideally suited for anyone needing to boost personal security through non-lethal methods, especially so for individuals who are not allowed to carry lethal protection weapons like guns to the workplace or learning institution.

This personal survival kit comprises three essential products that include:

· (20 million volts) Spike Stun Gun

· A (2 oz) Wildfire Sticky Pepper Gel pepper spray

· Super Doorstop Alarm with tamper and movement sensors

As frightening as they may sound, you need not worry as these particular tools may be intimidating and crippling but not really killer weapons. What’s more, they are also perfectly legal.

· Spike Stun Gun

In many nations across the world, lethal safety weapons such as guns are only under regulated licenses. This means that they are only accessible to a chosen few. Nonetheless, when it comes to self-defense, it is not primarily about injuring or killing your attacker, but subsequently inflicting some temporary disability or pain to allow you to escape from the danger, which is precisely what this stun gun does.

The Safety Technology stun gun is a handy device that delivers electrical shocks to your assailant. With a substantial electrical voltage, it can inflict pain and momentary disability without necessary being lethal. This way, you have ample time to escape the immediate danger and call for assistance.

It features two sharp spikes that double as electrodes to deliver a distinct voltage of 20 million volts to surprise, and momentarily halt your attacker with brutal force. The model and design of this device are such that it is handy and portable enough to allow it to fit in your purse or bag for the utmost convenience when need be.

This Spike gun also features a rubberized coating for a firm, non-slip, yet comfortable grip with a trigger button tactfully on your palm for a quick and effective reaction. It discharges quite loudly, easily dissuading an attack even before it happens.

What’s more, it comes packed with a USB charger, nylon belt holster, as well as a lifetime warranty, as a testimony of the impeccable quality and genuine concern from the designers for your safety.


Knowing how to protect yourself distinctly is significantly crucial, more so for women. With modern society now rocked with so much violence, it is assuring to know that you get yourself some useful self-defense devices to help you tackle your assailant.

At Urban Safety Solutions, we correctly understand this, which is why we present the Wildfire Pepper Gel for personal safety. Made from 2 million raw pepper SHU’s, this device generates a brutal effect that can destabilize your attacker for almost an hour without resulting in permanent damage.

Better yet, it also features a UV identifying dye made to assist you in determining your attacker. How about that! Once you spray it, our Pepper Gel is prepared to act like regular glue in that; if your assailant tries to rub or wipe the gel away, it starts to permeate his/her skin, leaving them in pain. With this spray, you can save yourself ample time to retreat from your assailant and call for help nearby.

· Door Stop Alarm

Finally, even within our homes, it is common to feel unsafe, especially in an otherwise crime-prone neighborhood. Fortunately, though, with our Door Stop Alarm, you can detect your attacker even before the break-in happens.

This remarkable tool features a movement sensor boasting adjustable sensitivity, which will instantly activate the alarm on tampering. This way, you are always one step ahead of any intruder, helping you react fast and appropriately to escape or avoid any potential harm.

Urban Safety Solutions: Your One-Stop Shop For Personal Security Gadgets & Solutions

Urban Safety Solutions is the top-spot distributor of innovative non-lethal personal safety products and surveillance technology within St. Louis, MO. We are also the proud distributors of the highly effective Xtreme Urban Survival Kit designed to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe and secure.

We are a 12 yr. member of the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ Rating, for our efforts in consistently distributing state of the art products which come backed up with a warranty. Also, we offer FREE shipping with coupon code for customers within and outside the USA. It is this genuine concern for your safety and the need to produce high-quality products that help us stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be afraid anymore… Protect both you and your loved ones by getting our Xtreme Urban Survival Kit, and watch yourself gradually gain confidence, even when rocked with unexpected, life threatening situations.

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