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How Hidden Cameras in Nursing Home with DVR Protect Elderly Patients from Abuse

If you bought a nanny cam a couple years back, it may be time to get a new one. The newest nanny cams now come with a DVR so you can wirelessly capture video anywhere you want.  The old nanny cams required you to be hooked up with a wire or cord. An Air Purifier Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR can be placed anywhere and the recorded images captured on a SD Card. IP nanny cams even allow you access to video footage via the Internet or your smartphone.

In the wake of increasing reports of nursing home abuse and neglect, more families have decided to sacrifice their loved one’s privacy in order to protect them from suffering undue injury or harm and record acts of theft. Some families claim inadequate security as a major reason for installing hidden cameras in nursing home rooms to catch workers abusing patients. Placing hidden cameras in nursing home have already been successful in catching abusive nursing home employees. One family used video footage from a Tower Fan Hidden Camera DVR to catch two caretakers striking their 78-year-old mother. And more than 20 workers at one nursing home faced criminal charges after hidden cameras in nursing home caught the caregivers mistreating patients.

This year, I put a nanny cam in my car.  This is great for watching my car when I am not around and has proven to be very helpful in recording police officers who are abusing their rights.  There are tons of reasons to have a nanny cam but the most important is you and your family’s safety.  Without a nanny cam, you have no way to monitor what is really going on at your home or in your car during the times your not there!

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