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How To Bust A Digital Age Peeping Tom Using Hidden Camera Detector

Lens Finder Bug Detector

Women can effectively safeguard their privacy from digital age peeping tom using hidden camera detector.

I am normally paranoid. I can’t quit thinking I am being watched constantly. A few weeks back, I felt much more uneasy whenever I went to the office toilet. I went about my business as fast as possible yet still felt my presence was being monitored.

Good thing, I have a policeman friend whose advice I can seek. His answer was to acquire a bug detector. In this way, I can check for hidden cams or microphones which might have been installed inside the area in order to spy on me, or other folks. My obvious subsequent question was where to purchase hidden video cam detector devices in the first place.

Despite the fact that spy cams have become really ingenious, particularly those that are camouflaged as regular things, counter-surveillance machines have been made similarly to track these down, Evan discussed over coffee.

Take a lens finder bug detector, he said. This can be a pocket-sized gadget that functions either wired or wireless to sweep a suspected place for concealed cams as well as microphones. Within its wired mode you glance through the specially focused viewing port. In case there’s one within ten feet, then any kind of camera lens is going to appear to be flashing red.

Wireless, this relies on radio frequency. Waving this around a room or area will lead you to an approximate location in which there may be a spy video camera. Before totally walking in the restroom, Evan mentioned, I could perform my sweep using the RF mode.

My buddy helped me acquire a bug tracker which was a wired or wireless camera multifunctional detector, which I swiftly put to good use. I preferred the silent detection mode wherein I would be informed through vibration rather than sound.

It was a relief that no one else was within the toilet. I waved the bug sensor and noticed this vibrate as this passed the mirrors. Bingo!

I was correct. Someone was spying inside the ladies’ room. And, thanks to Evan, I learned where to buy hidden camera detector gadgets in order to keep safeguarding my privacy. Now, I could set my thoughts at ease, right up until the next public toilet.

The lens finder bug detector is an affordable solution to safeguarding  personal privacy from perverted creeps.

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