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How To Covertly Protect Company Secrets With Hidden Cameras


I did not waste time looking for an office hidden camera DVR the moment my boss asked for my help. It appeared that somebody within our place of work had been giving company secrets to our rivals and I was the only person he could possibly trust about the news.

I  immediately queried on my computer where can I buy spy gear online and researched other surveillance gadgets. In my search, I discovered several covert cameras which were disguised as common office and even things around the house. These kinds of designs make them less obvious, thus, rendering them effective at doing covert monitoring.

I went for a smoke detector hidden camera with built-in DVR and imagined some this device set up on critical areas within our workplace. Because it is a fully functional smoke detector, I figured that it was easy to explain why a number of units were being set up.

The smoke detector DVR hidden camera which i discovered requires no wiring or any transmitters which will reveal what is actually does. It can start functional smoke detector, I figured that it was easy to explain why a number of units were being set up.

I placed one in the center of the ceiling of my boss’s room so it can take a good look at every person that goes in and out. I was positive that the 8 GB SD memory card would be able to hold enough evidence to convict somebody.

The motion activation functionality helps save space because recording starts only once the smoke detector DVR hidden camera senses movement.

It was on a fateful Friday night when the spy camera ultimately captured something that saddened us. The office janitor was carefully creeping within. We were able to identify him as the nanny cam had a 0.1 LUX feature that was able to capture video footage even in lowlight situations.

Video footage coming from surveillance cameras with DVR can be viewed by hooking up the camera to a screen or tv set utilizing the supplied RCA cable. We viewed the videos taken by the office hidden camera with DVR utilizing a second method, by just putting the card straight into the boss’s laptop.

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