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How To Protect My Daughter At College With The Extreme College Survival Kit

The satisfied customer below shares how she overcame fears and worry about “how to protect my daughter at college”?…

If a son or daughter is about to enter university, parents usually start to worry whether they will be fine on their own.  So many preparations are done that sometimes ensuring their college life stays safe is neglected.

I got a call from my sister had a daughter in college that was attacked one night on her way back to the dorm.  She reminded me to ensure that I take steps to protect my daughter at college.

She described the Extreme College Survival Kit from SafeFamilyLife which she had given to Sara right after her being mugged in the parking garage.  She referred me to the internet site she used on personal protection to get more information on the kit.

My search indeed gave me an idea about what the Extreme College Survival Kit from SafeFamilyLife has to offer for my daughter’s protection.  Aside from the safety devices included in the kit, it has instructional DVDs  and manuals to teach users how to utilize them.  I liked the fact that my daughter can be protected inside and outside her dormitory room.

The kit focuses on the right preparation for handling life-threatening situations and this, I believe, is the way to protect my daughter at college.  She also feels it gives her more control over any situation that could develop.

The Extreme College Survival Kit from SafeFamilyLife contains self-defense devices that can be brought like the lipstick pepper spray, and the electronic pocket whistle.  Additionally, it has a door alarm to protect the room or dormitory aside from the diversion safe.

Having all the information on how to protect my daughter at college, I immediately purchased the college survival kit for my daughter’s protection while on her own and away from home.

As soon as the kit arrived, I showed it to my husband.  He was apprehensive about our daughter living alone for the first time.  I told him that the kit is the answer on how to protect our daughter at college.  After viewing the instructional DVD, both my husband and daughter were pleased about having these personal security products for college students.

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